SOURCE: Author Kathleen Brush

Author Kathleen Brush

February 28, 2013 13:49 ET

New Book, 'The Power of One,' Prepares Leaders for Tomorrow's Economy

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2013) - A new book by Kathleen Brush, a 25-year veteran of international business and author of "The Power of One: You're the Boss," (, breaks new ground in addressing the managerial challenges of guiding and motivating employees in the global economy of today -- and the future. 

"As the world's largest developing countries catch up with today's developed economic powerhouses like the United States, some of the most appealing market opportunities will be in countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa," says Brush.

"There are 32 developed countries with 1 billion potential customers, and 162 developing nations with 6 billion people -- many heading into the middle class for the first time."

But Brush's guide book for successful business and employee management is not just for tomorrow's world. What is optimal for the future workplace applies equally to today's offices. She suggests workplace leaders ask themselves:

  • Do I make work a place my employees find rewarding, or even enjoyable?
  • How can I help others build their skills, and maybe even advance their careers?
  • Is this the best that I can do to lead projects that ultimately make my people feel proud?
  • Am I doing all that I can to grow the business and create jobs for the community?
  • Could I be doing more to generate wealth for employees, investors and local businesses?
  • What else can I be doing to earn respect and admiration as a role model?

If any of the answers to these questions were no, Brush says, "think of how much more fun and rewarding leading will be when you can answer all of these questions with a yes."

Brush's book endeavors to get leaders to yes, yes, yes. She does this by advising managers how to motivate employee A from the United States, B from Brazil, and C from China; minimize and defuse conflict; implement world-beating strategies; engage in decisions related to finance, marketing, and information technology; and to manage in a quickly evolving world.

About Kathleen Brush

Kathleen Brush has more than two decades of experience as a senior executive with global business responsibilities. She has a Ph.D. in management and international studies. Brush has been teaching, writing and consulting on international business and leadership for companies of all sizes, including those that are public, private, foreign and domestic.

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