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June 19, 2013 11:12 ET

New Breakthrough Video Game / TV Accessory Now Being Presented on

WESTBURY, NY--(Marketwired - June 19, 2013) - Gene Dolgoff, CEO of 3-D Vision, Inc., and inventor of holographic printing, digital projection, and the Star Trek Holodeck, is arranging for mass-production and distribution of his new "Instant 3-D™ Converter" with funding currently being raised on (

The product, which will retail for $299, instantly converts ALL video games from any source (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Ouya, computers, tablets, smart phones, and every gaming web site) to real 3-D by finding actual 3-D information in any 2-D video source, and displaying it on TV and projector screens.

Even more amazing, it automatically converts ANY 2-D TV or projector to a 3-D TV or projector, eliminating the need to purchase a 3-D TV or projector to see the 3-D (although it also works with any 3-D TV as well). The patented converter will come with its own patent-pending 3-D glasses, which will also be able to be purchased separately.

The product also converts all videos to 3-D, allowing for the viewing of live sports and other TV shows from cable and satellite (especially valuable since the demise of ESPN 3-D), Hollywood movies from Blu-ray disks, DVDs, DVRs, VCRs, and the Internet, and home-made videos from Camcorders, Smartphones, and sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

This is the first product ever offered anywhere with these capabilities. Extensive reviews have been extremely positive.


"In the unmarked office of 3-D Vision, Inc., you can see a television or PC display a videogame or movie with a convincing stereoscopic effect. That might not seem very unique. However, the television is a CRT from the 1990s, the video game is Super Mario for the Nintendo 64 and the movie is The Wizard of Oz, made in 1939."

"It overcomes some of the other, oft-overlooked barriers to 3D adoption by creating 3D video from 2D content on 2D (or 3D) displays. On televisions, this is achieved via a small set-top box -- that plugs into the video source and the TV and converts the video in real-time with virtually no latency… It is impressive in both the quality of the 3D effect and the range of devices with which it can work. As for output devices, even analog tube-based televisions can display convincing 3D content from 2D films." is the oldest (since 2009) and largest "crowdfunding" site on the Internet, responsible for the successful funding of over 43,000 projects, raising over $572 million. Contributors to Gene Dolgoff's 35-day Kickstarter campaign will get an Instant 3-D™ Converter at a steeply discounted price before it is offered to the general public. The Instant 3-D™ project has to raise at least $850,000 by the end of the campaign to be funded. Project creator Gene Dolgoff said "I've been committed to bringing 3-D to the world all of my life. This campaign will make it possible. Please tell 3 people to each tell 3 people about it." People interested in this converter can learn all about it at the Kickstarter site (

Inquiries for more information or interviews can be directed to Gene Dolgoff at: or at (516) 338-5000.

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