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April 01, 2014 08:30 ET

New Business Book for Managers - "The Un-Bossy Boss"

Root Inc.'s Gary Magenta Helps Build Great Managers Through Humor, Real-Life Case Studies, and 12-Question Coaching Guide

SYLVANIA, OH--(Marketwired - Apr 1, 2014) - Root Inc., the strategy execution consulting company, today announced the launch of the new business book The Un-Bossy Boss: 12 Powerful Questions to Make You a Great Manager. Authored by Gary Magenta, senior vice president at Root, it helps develop strong managers to build highly productive, engaged, and results-driven teams. The book combines Magenta's passion for leader and manager coaching with more than 15 years of experience consulting with Fortune 500 clients to create better strategy execution by focusing on their people.

"I had never given this concept much thought until I encountered my first manager, and my experience was not good; there was no interest in my career, my growth, or in trying to connect with me," said Magenta. "Managers have the most influential role in the business because they are most responsible for the success or failure of an organization -- not the leadership team. Despite how critical managers are to business success, they remain the most under-invested segment. This book is essential to better enable managers to produce optimal business results through their teams and every individual that reports to them."

Leaders and managers alike will benefit from the real-world advice found in "The Un-Bossy Boss" because as good managers evolve into great ones, their employees deliver better results, care more about their jobs, and feel more connected to the bigger picture -- all of which contribute directly to a company's success. 

About "The Un-Bossy Boss"
When an individual contributor succeeds in their role, they are typically promoted to manager and suddenly in charge of other people with limited to no training on how to be a good manager. With a lack of understanding and ability to effectively engage their employees, they follow the old school approach -- deciding what must be done, then telling employees what to do and how to do it, and occasionally checking on them. 

Through humor and real-life case studies, "The Un-Bossy Boss" shows how this old model of managing -- the "yell and tell" method -- has become outdated and ineffective. Magenta offers readers a map to success that involves a more interactive relationship between manager and employee, one that reveals motivations and beliefs of workers, and invites them to create solutions.

The heart of the book resides in 12 powerful questions that help make readers great coaches, which in turn will make them great managers. The questions help address a variety of topics, including how to work with underperforming employees, difficult individuals, and disengaged team members. The lessons presented in this book will help managers find the untapped potential in their employees.

Book Availability
"The Un-Bossy Boss" is available on as an eBook for $11.99 or as a paperback for $14.99 today.

About Root Inc.
Root is a strategy execution company that helps organizations engage their people as the catalyst and driver for change. Root does this by connecting people with complex strategies using creative and visual methods, transformative insights, and consulting know-how on strategy deployment and sustainment. With more than 20 years of capabilities developed from partnering with the world's largest businesses, Root has created a proven framework that consistently achieves clarity, ownership, and results. Based in Sylvania, Ohio, Root has been recognized as a Great Place to Work eight times in the last nine years. Visit for more information and follow Root on Twitter: @therootinc.

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