SOURCE: New Business Funders, LLC

May 25, 2016 00:56 ET

New Business Funders Address Entrepreneurs Start-Up Capital Challenge

Unsecured Business Credit Lines Being Provided Based Upon Personal FICO

SCOTTSDALE, AZ --(Marketwired - May 25, 2016) - According to the Small Business Association (SBA), business bankruptcies are on a decline and have been since 2011. This is good news for the American economy particularly since the lion share relies upon the small business owner. In fact, according to The Kauffman Index: Start Up activity and National Trends -- 2015 represents the largest year over year increase in start-up businesses in the last two decades.

The bleak truth, according to a January 16th, 2015 article in Forbes, is that about 90% of start-ups fail. These business might have been a roaring success had they had access to funding at start-up and/or during rapid growth stages. Often times, businesses grow too fast and that growth is not sustainable unless the small business owner has access to funding to facilitate its growth. Small Business Owners have a difficult time acquiring funding because the traditional US banking community does not commonly provide small businesses, particularly start-ups, with the capital they need.

If a small business is fortunate enough to receive a bank or SBA loan it is because the business has demonstrated performance in sales, provided tax returns, has excellent credit, and supplied collateral, as well as a consistency in business bank statements.

According to Troy Bohlke, Founder of New Business Funders, "Our mission is to provide access to start-ups to the funding solutions they need by matching the right capital without the common roadblocks. Our programs do not require collateral, bank statements or tax returns."

The New Business Funders program differs from other programs because it matches the Entrepreneur with 0% interest Business Credit Lines for the first 6-12 months. The New Business Funders platform simply requires a 680 credit score or better to get involved.

Bohlke continues, "We help the entrepreneur access capital through our vast resources and platforms of dozens of lenders and affiliate partners who specialize on the small business owner. Many times, we will need to provide several credit lines in order to obtain $50,000 on up depending on the business owner's FICO score and debt status. Once approved, generally our clients will have funding in 15-21 business days.

If the business owner needs to improve their FICO score to qualify for higher lines of credit, we have a program for that too. We are in the business of helping the Entrepreneur so we serve as a resource by educating, providing options and solutions. Momentum is key during start-up, so one our biggest jobs here is to save time by getting our clients to their goals faster. We at New Business Funders want to be a small part of their success. In short, we want to make a positive difference."

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