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July 15, 2016 15:15 ET

New Business Funders Breaking Ice On Lending Secret For Startups

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - July 15, 2016) - New Business Funders ( has just released a brand new guide that was created to help new businesses and startups learn that they do, in fact, have plenty of realistic borrowing options for getting their new entity funded and up and running.

Banks are certainly not without their reasons for declining the vast majority of borrowing applications that come across their desks. The truth of the matter is that many new businesses fail during the first 24 months of operations, and banks know this. To protect their bottom line, they simply reject application after application.

But newer banks, venture capitalists and angel investors are aware of a different reality: new businesses succeed plenty of the time, too, and they want to help many of these younger entrepreneurs bring their projects to life by helping them gain access to the funds they need to succeed.

"The day and age of the big bank being your only borrowing option is coming to an end for new business owners," explained Troy Bohlke, spokesperson for New Business Funders, a company that specializes in helping new businesses secure lines of credit. "Today, you have a variety of borrowing options that can enable you to obtain the funds you need to succeed with your new venture."

One of the options of which Bohlke speaks is called a business credit line, something his service helps secure for new businesses. "Using our growing network of lenders, we're able to sidestep much of the red tape that's associated with conventional startup loans to get our clients funded with a business credit line fast," he says.

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New Business Funders helps connect startups to the lines of credit they need in a simple and efficient manner. Using their broad network of banks that are eager to loan money to startups, NBF helps get new businesses the credit lines they need without the runaround. Just a 680 FICO score or better gets your business approved for a line of credit from $10k to $250k with low interest and easy repayment options. No tax returns, bank statements, automated payments, business statements or sales receipts required. It really should be this easy to fund your new business.

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