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July 18, 2016 16:02 ET

New Business Funders Delivering Timeless Tips For Business Owners Stuck In The 'No Credit' Bubble

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - July 18, 2016) - New Business Funders ( has just released a brand new guide that reaches out to the most common denominator of business owners, those who are stuck in the "no credit" bubble.

What is the "no credit" bubble?

"It's the most common business owner in the United States at the present, post the housing bubble crisis," explains Troy Bohlke, spokesperson for New Business Funders, a company that specializes in helping new businesses secure lines of credit. "This represents the majority of business owners who are seeking credit today but have marred credit scores due to the fallout from the economic collapse just a few years ago."

For these business owners and many entrepreneurs like them, getting approved for business funding may seem like a pipe dream. Large banks have clamped down on their lending restrictions, axing the majority of subprime business loans.

"Trying to get approved for business loans in today's tough banking climate is akin to running five miles uphill in 100-degree heat," Bohlke infers. "But there are alternative options that these borrowers can explore."

What Bohlke speaks of is a business line of credit. It's a realistic way to cut the red tape that's colloquially associated with conventional business loans.

"You can use your personal FICO score for this type of funding," Bohlke assures. "You can even combine it with that of a co-applicant to increase approval odds. These banks [the ones in his network] are hungry and are eager to find new borrowers to lend money to."

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New Business Funders helps connect startups to the lines of credit they need in a simple and efficient manner. Using their broad network of banks that are eager to loan money to startups, NBF helps get new businesses the credit lines they need without the runaround. Just a 680 FICO score or better gets your business approved for a line of credit from $10k to $250k with low interest and easy repayment options. No tax returns, bank statements, automated payments, business statements or sales receipts required. It really should be this easy to fund your new business.

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