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February 26, 2014 09:00 ET

New C-Section Guidelines Reinforce Need for Focused and Current Clinical Training

Advanced Practice Strategies Helps Hospitals Stay Ahead of the Curve

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - February 26, 2014) - Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) today announced its support for the new clinical guidelines released by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) to safely reduce primary cesarean deliveries. The guidelines, released February 19, 2014, not only reinforce the need for continuous clinical learning but also highlight that the comprehensive and up-to-date APS content is set to prepare clinicians for several of the guideline principles. Since its inception, APS has provided current and compelling clinical content for clinicians aimed at reducing obstetrical risk and improving patient safety. Today, obstetrics is one of several medical specialties that APS supports.

Some of the new recommendations, which are published in the March issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology, include: allowing prolonged latent-phase and slow but progressive first stage labor; considering the start of active-phase labor to be defined as cervical dilation of 6 cm instead of 4cm; supporting the training and use of operative vaginal delivery as a safe alternative to cesarean delivery in the second stage of labor; and ensuring that clinically indicated interventions, such as amnioinfusion and fetal scalp stimulation, are being utilized to manage Category II fetal heart rate tracings. APS' latest obstetrical offering, GNOSIS™ for Obstetrics (OB), authored by clinical experts including members of ACOG as well as SMFM, addresses and provides education around several of the recommended guidelines. This should reassure the hospitals, health systems, and insurers already offering the APS content to clinicians that they are well-prepared in light of the new guidelines.

"APS has worked closely over the years with leading experts to ensure that our content is fresh and represents the most current and evidence-based practices," said Sandhya Gardner, MD, Medical Director of Obstetrics at APS. "As a leader in this field, we are focused on the most recent obstetrical research so that our offerings stay relevant and meet the needs of today's perinatal clinicians. GNOSIS for Obstetrics provides education and training in important areas, including operative vaginal delivery, electronic fetal monitoring, with an emphasis on Category II interpretation, and appropriate management interventions such as fetal scalp stimulation and amnionfusion. These areas are very relevant to the new recommendations supporting the safe prevention of primary cesarean delivery." APS clients using the GNOSIS platform have in fact been able to show appropriate reductions in C-sections as part of their perinatal safety efforts.

GNOSIS was built to improve clinician proficiency but in the context of recognizing the value of their time. GNOSIS for Obstetrics first assesses each clinician on both their clinical knowledge and judgment, and then provides a personalized learning path that delivers content only and exactly where it is needed, saving valuable seat time, prioritizing risk remediation, and ensuring a positive user experience that is tailored to the individual.

"When prestigious medical organizations such ACOG and SMFM assert solutions for safer and better care, providers pay attention," said Russ Richmond, MD, CEO of APS. "It's a really satisfying feeling to know that the organizations we work with can be confident that they're current, focused on quality, and often ahead of the curve."

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Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) optimizes healthcare outcomes by measuring and improving clinical decision-making. Our latest innovation, GNOSIS™, engages physicians, nurses, and other clinicians through a first-of-its-kind assessment that measures clinical knowledge and judgment and maps out an individualized learning path that delivers content only and exactly where each clinician needs it. Driven by our patented personalization technology, GNOSIS combines provider measurement, customized learning, and an actionable administrative dashboard that gives both clinicians and administrators insight across multiple levels of care. Our proprietary database of individual knowledge and judgment assessments provides a transparent picture of clinical risk and more importantly, specific opportunities for outcomes improvement. APS serves hospitals, health systems, and insurance carriers in a way that is engaging, data-driven and focused, proven and trusted, and delivers real financial impact. For more information please visit

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