Polished Publishing Group (PPG)

Polished Publishing Group (PPG)

May 20, 2010 03:28 ET

New Canadian Book Publisher Supports Diversity and Free Expression

Encouraging Aspiring Canadian Authors to Publish Canadian History Books From Their Own Unique Cultural Perspectives

Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Books Editor, Lifestyle Editor, Media Editor, News Editor CALGARY, ALBERTA, NEW PUBLISHER--(Marketwire - May 20, 2010) - Polished Publishing Group (PPG) is a supportive self-publishing house, designed specifically for Canadian authors, that combines the quality of traditional (trade) publishing with the flexibility and control of vanity publishing. PPG's primary mandate is to make the dream of publishing a book more accessible to mainstream Canadians while producing professional-quality results that emulate the books created by trade publishers.

PPG's Publisher and Founder, a Canadian author known as Kim S., has firsthand experience working with a traditional literary book publisher (a.k.a. trade book publisher), a book printer, and a modern supportive self-publishing house. Each position has allowed her to view this industry from a different vantage point and, consequently, given her a well-rounded understanding of their respective pros and cons. This puts her in a unique position to provide others with valuable insight into the world of book publishing and help newbie authors break into the field.

Kim S. published her first three new age fictional novels with three other publishers before moving them all to PPG in November of 2009. Each book has a Canadian setting and is an expression of her unique cultural/spiritual perspective within that setting. 25% of her author royalties are donated to a Canadian charity of her choice for each book: donations for her first book are made to the Canadian Mental Health Association; donations for her last two books are made to the Canadian Centre for Diversity.

PPG aspires to help more Canadians publish books about their own Canadian experiences from their own unique cultural perspectives. This is an artistic way for people to express their beliefs and share them with others in a safe and open environment-to promote the positive qualities of diversity on a national level while fulfilling their personal dreams of publishing a book.

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