Bulb Television

Bulb Television

April 12, 2013 07:15 ET

New Canadian Television Channel First to Announce Launch of 4000 Pixel Feed in North America

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 12, 2013) -

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Bulb Television, a new Canadian Category B licensed television service, announces that it is the first channel in North America to announce plans of a 4000 pixel feed. Bulb TV has been transmitting a 4000 pixel feed for internal testing purposes over the last several weeks and will be releasing the signal in 4000 pixel, 1080 HD and standard definition formats upon its launch scheduled for next month. This new format, recently brought into the public eye this week at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada is approximately four times the amount of pixels of a typical 1080 High Definition signal. Bulb Television is also the first to announce its plans to launch an 8000 pixel version of the channel when technology permits, ideally as soon Fall 2014.

Founder Evan Kosiner, says that, "Bulb TV's content is all about innovation and ideas and social conferences. We're airing content in a non-traditional programming cycle where we don't stick to half hour and hour conventions. The idea came up several months ago that if we're building a new master control anyway, let's be the first to break ground with this new revolution technology as well."

Content will begin to be produced in-house and acquired in the 4000 pixel format. Currently a process referred to as "up converting" will occur with content airing that was filmed in the existing 1080p HD format.

Kosiner also unveils that "Bulb TV also plans to introduce an 8000 pixel feed as soon as technology is feasible. This might be as soon as 2014 once the H.265 codec and encoders become readily available. Our 4000 pixel feed currently streams at approximately 50mbps."

Bulb Television received two broadcast decisions from the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission in May 2012. Bulb Television's founder, at age 25, is believed to be the youngest recipient of a CRTC broadcast decision. Kosiner is a serial entrepreneur, recipient of The Governor General's Caring Canadian Award and host of an Entrepreneurial television show in Toronto. He graduated only one year ago from Ryerson University's Radio and Television Arts program.

Bulb Television will be airing intellectual programming of conferences and shows with substance in a non-traditional format. Bulb TV is currently set to launch in markets across Canada in May and June of this year. Customers can contact their local cable, satellite or IPTV provider to find out where Bulb TV is available on their lineup or request carriage of the channel.

Carriers who cannot immediately carry the new 4000 pixel format will have options to carry a 1080 High Definition signal or standard definition signal.

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