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Canadian Immigrant

October 09, 2008 09:00 ET

New Canadians Lack Information About Federal Election Process

Canadian Immigrant Magazine website poll finds immigrants feel uninformed about the process and their voting rights

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 9, 2008) - Sixty-nine per cent of first-time immigrant voters feel they are not being provided with the information they need to vote, according to Canadian Immigrant Magazine.

The results of the unofficial poll of website readers at were not surprising to publisher and immigration expert Nick Noorani. But the flood of calls and emails from political parties was extraordinary, says Noorani.

"Members and representatives from the parties started contacting me immediately after the questions were posted online to explain ways in which they have been engaging with immigrants and helping them fully participate in the process, but it's obvious it's not been enough," he says.

The website poll found that of those voting for the first time, 72 per cent were not aware that they are legally entitled to take time off of work to vote.

Other poll results:

- Top-ranked issues among immigrant voters included the economy, health care and jobs and credential recognition, followed by law and order and family reunification;

- When asked which party best represents immigrant issues, no federal political party stands out as a champion, with the Liberals, Conservatives and the NDP ranking equally (25%, 25% and 23% respectively).

The unofficial online poll of 154 readers, conducted by Canadian Immigrant magazine, is part of Canadian Immigrant's Federal Election Toolkit 2008 and is available online at

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