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May 05, 2011 18:00 ET

New Cat Care Website Takes Las Vegas Cat Hospital Veterinarians' Expertise Global

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - May 5, 2011) - Cat owners and cat lovers now have a host of feline resources at their fingertips with the new website launched by All About Cats Veterinary Hospital at The feline-only cat vet is located in Las Vegas, and its new website offers information, resources and valuable tips that cater to cat owners across the globe. The cat hospital specializes in cat-only medical and surgical care and provides cat boarding as well as cat grooming, and its site is equally as focused on cats. The new site offers access to cat health information and cat care tips to help ensure a long, healthy life for felines everywhere.

"We designed our cat vet clinic to cater to the needs of cats, and our newly redesigned website caters to the needs of cat owners, with a lot of accessible information on cat health," says Dr. Terri Koppe, founder of All About Cats Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Cathy Berquist and Dr. Alissa McCormick join Dr. Koppe in providing veterinary care at the Las Vegas cat clinic.

The first step in knowing a cat needs medical treatment is realizing a cat is sick. The cat hospital's website points out common signs that can indicate an illness as well as common ailments and their treatments. The site offers pertinent information on many feline illnesses including obesity, dental disease, diabetes, and arthritis. There is also helpful information about wellness care including vaccines, pain management, and parasite prevention.

Caring for a cat that has special health issues is another realm explored on the All About Cats Veterinary Hospital's new site. An entire section is devoted to tips on caring for and slimming down an overweight cat while another touches on tips for senior cats. Thanks to the dedicated care of cat owners and advanced medical treatments and technology, cats are living longer than ever before. Details on the site can help ensure a cat's later years are as fulfilling and comfortable as its earlier days.

People who do not yet have a cat but are pondering the option can find information on what caring for a cat entails. The site offers tips on how to choose a new cat that will best suit the household as well as steps to take before bringing a new cat home. A website section is dedicated to cat rescue and cat adoption organizations that have dozens of felines that need new homes.

Cat care tips on cat grooming, feeding, seasonal care and first aid are part of the site, as is information on traveling with a cat and cat boarding. Cat owners will find tips on administering medication and a detailed three-step method on transporting a cat to the vet with the least amount of stress.

Website visitors can sign up for free website membership which comes with regular newsletters and other benefits. All About Cats Veterinary Hospital's veterinarians have been serving the needs of local cats since 2001 providing cat boarding, cat grooming and health care for a range of ailments. Their expertise has now gone global with the launch of

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