February 17, 2012 14:26 ET

New CCBill Feature Aimed at Securely Increasing Throughput

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwire - Feb 17, 2012) - CCBill, a global e-commerce solutions provider, announced today the release of a new feature designed to increase transaction throughput and help online businesses capture more sales.

Web Verify, the latest feature release, will present a screen to consumers during online transactions for which they are declined. This screen will offer some additional information and an opportunity for the purchase to be authorized, pending a call in to CCBill Consumer Support.

"We are continually looking for ways to increase transaction throughput for our merchants while at the same time upholding our commitment to fraud protection. In fact, our proprietary fraud system is so strong that it catches transactions that might otherwise be authorized," said Jake Powers, VP of e-commerce for CCBill. "Rather than do our merchants a disservice and lower our fraud standards, we are happy to release this new feature, which could enable a consumer to make a purchase after a decline."

If a consumer attempting to make a purchase is declined, a screen will be displayed that states the transaction has been put into a pending state for additional authentication and validation. It will also state the purchase is eligible for approval following some additional action, namely; a call to CCBill Consumer Support.

"Ultimately, this could end up providing more successful purchases for consumers, and more successful sales for our merchants. We're excited to release the feature, and look forward to offering additional ways to help drive results," said Powers.

To learn more about Web Verify, or any of the 230 other CCBill features, contact the CCBill Sales Team at or 855-4-CCBill.

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