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CCH Canadian Limited

February 15, 2012 08:00 ET

New CCH Integrator™ for Corporate Professionals: Centralized Solution Cuts Through Tax Complexity, Eases Compliance Burden

A New Global Solution, from a Global Tax Authority

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 15, 2012) - Global tax authority CCH has introduced a new single solution to simplify the increasingly complex world of tax for local corporations and multinational corporations of all sizes: CCH Integrator™. The new web-based suite delivers CCH's award-winning software and comprehensive international content to provide one centralized solution to streamline tax data collection, provision, research and compliance activity.

CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, is a leading global provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software and services ( (

"Professionals in corporate tax and finance departments around the world face enormous challenges and complexity each and every day," said Scott Gruchot, CCH Corporate Services Vice President and General Manager. "We're very pleased to announce that CCH offers a solution that can help them. CCH Integrator is an integrated web-based suite that was created for corporate professionals worldwide to help them simplify processes, increase efficiency and improve accuracy."

Break Through Barriers, Bridge Borders with New Streamlined Solution

Created for multinational corporations, and domestic corporations with cumbersome tax processes, CCH Integrator leverages the latest technology to streamline current corporate tax data collection, provision, research and compliance processes, while helping to reduce audit risk associated with global tax regulations. Key components of the CCH Integrator suite include Global Integrator and Global Tax Research Integrator.

About Global Integrator

Global Integrator software provides a single platform for data collection, analysis and tax reporting globally. Scalable for both small and large corporations, Global Integrator offers multi-jurisdictional functionality that delivers benefits to both the head office and local countries. With multi-GAAP reporting, this single solution provides reconciliation from head office GAAP, to local GAAP, to local tax. Global Integrator also offers multi-currency and multi-language capabilities and is completely configurable by the end user to meet the individual data collection, calculation and reporting needs of corporations.

With Global Integrator, companies only need to enter tax data once because it leverages the same set of reconciled numbers for local and head office accounting, reporting, compliance and forecasting.

In addition, Global Integrator:

  • Standardizes calculations and schedules with flexible templates that provide consistent reporting formats across countries.
  • Customizes data collection schedules and questionnaires to suit individual reporting needs.
  • Compares and integrates head office and local GAAP reporting for tax accounting under both FAS109 and IFRS in a single calculation.
  • Performs full conversions, including reconciliation of exchange rate differences.
  • Calculates tax positions based on estimates/restructures.
  • Provides a single system that contains all tax provisions and tax returns globally for all years.
  • Integrates with general ledgers, local compliance systems, Microsoft® Excel® and other tax applications.
  • Integrates federal/state, provincial and dual tax system calculations.
  • Offers built-in status tracking, audit controls, electronic sign-off and transparency of who modified what and when, including drill-down from the tax footnotes back to the source.
  • Supports detailed provision calculations (with full tax basis balance sheet) and high-level ETR calculations, and more.

"Global Integrator has not only improved our control environment, it has also provided consistency and visibility to global information we didn't have prior to its implementation," said Patrick Callahan, Director, Tax Accounting & Reporting, Kimberly-Clark. "With Global Integrator, we are implementing a single process for both U.S. and local GAAP tax accounting across more than 200 entities and have saved over 9,000 hours and 52 elapsed days from our U.S. tax compliance processes."

About Global Tax Research Integrator

Global Tax Research Integrator quickly connects professionals with timely, authoritative and specific international content in countries where a company does business. It features the full line of CCH international research resources delivered on the powerful and intuitive CCH IntelliConnect® platform. Content includes:

• In-country guidance, attested to each month.

• Real-time country tax rates, translated tax forms and instructions for more than 120 countries.

• Easy-to-understand detailed guidance and analysis written by in-country tax experts.

• Customized daily international tax news and updates delivered via email.

• Access to CCH Mobile; and CCH's International Tax Treaty Expert Library.

In addition, corporations can customize Global Tax Research Integrator, choosing the level of content they want - Pro, Plus or Premium - to meet their specific needs.

"Professionals who are looking for a centralized solution to help clear compliance challenges with efficiency and confidence will benefit from CCH Integrator," said Callahan. "The winning combination of powerful software with in-country expertise delivered by a global leader CCH will provide a formidable solution in helping to streamline and simplify a complex global tax environment."

For More Information

CCH Integrator is offered through the new CCH Corporate Services business line, serving corporate professionals with dedicated product, sales, customer service and support to meet their specific needs.

To learn more about the new CCH Integrator suite, please visit or contact a CCH account representative at 1-800-268-4522.

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