Canadians With Conviction

Canadians With Conviction

March 11, 2008 11:00 ET

New Charitable Organisation "Canadians With Conviction" to Support Wounded Canadian Soliders and the Families of the Fallen

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 11, 2008) - The formation of a new charitable organisation, Canadians with Conviction, was announced today in Toronto, ON. Canadians with Conviction supports Canadian military personnel who have served in the global effort to confront terrorism. The organisation provides financial relief to ease the suffering and restore the lives of wounded Canadian soldiers and the families of the fallen. The goal of Canadians with Conviction is to provide a practicable means for individual Canadians to support their troops who are sacrificing so much in this important global struggle.

Canadians with Conviction raises funds from individual Canadians and distributes financial relief to the following beneficiaries:

- Canadian military personnel wounded while confronting terrorism, whether in combat or peacekeeping and regardless of theatre;

- Families of fallen or wounded Canadian soldiers, whether widowed, orphaned or left caring for the disabled.

All funds are distributed to military families to defray any personal expenses, such as recovery, rehabilitation, ongoing care, retraining, and supplemental income, not wholly covered by the Canadian Forces. Financial relief is distributed in cooperation with Veteran's Affairs Canada.

Canada has a proud history of striving to uphold values of dignity, compassion and tolerance; not only at home but also abroad and in the face of the greatest of challenges. Canadians with Conviction believes that terrorism is the great challenge of this generation. Whether contrived in Mississauga or perpetrated in Amman, London or New York, terrorism has had a terrible cost on so many innocent people. These terrorists target innocent men, women and children of all races and religions with the most horrible acts of violence as they seek to establish and spread a political order devoid of dignity, tolerance and compassion. "We believe that the global effort to confront terrorism, including the current mission of our troops in southern Afghanistan, is a just cause that inspires the highest ideals of what it means to be a Canadian," said Steve Sharp of Canadians with Conviction.

Today, approximately 2,500 Canadian soldiers serve in Afghanistan as active combatants in the global effort to confront these terrorists and the political order they seek to establish. Alongside friends from the U.S., Netherlands, and others, these soldiers serve at the behest of the democratically elected government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a fight to defend this fragile government and their population against a return to the tyranny of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Many Canadian soldiers and their families have made terrible sacrifices in this struggle as operations against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan have produced the largest number of fatalities for any single military mission since the 25th Canadian Brigade served in the Korean War.

Canadians must unite in support of the bravest among them who have served their nation in this just cause. Please join today by visiting or email

About Canadians with Conviction

Canadians with Conviction is a registered charity under paragraph 149(1)(f) of the Income Tax Act with tax exempt status in Canada and in the U.S. To make a donation, become a member, or inquire for more information please visit or email

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