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May 02, 2016 09:04 ET

New Chemical Markets Research Reports by Merchant Research & Consulting Recently Added at

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - May 02, 2016) - Merchant Research & Consulting, Ltd. informs that new research reports, covering various chemical markets, have been recently added at its website.

New Chemical Markets Research Reports Include:

Melamine: 2016 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2020.  The global melamine market looks rather well-balanced and stable during the first half of 2016. This trend has found its manifestation in melamine prices which showed either roll-over behaviour or slight fluctuations, driven by rising production costs or uncertainty over the extension of anti-dumping duties against Chinese melamine in Europe. The current slow-down of the Chinese economy was instrumental in lowering the demand for melamine on the local market, though exports are always ready to catch up. The situation on the Asian markets might improve thanks to seasonal factors in anticipation of production invigoration closer to summer. In general, forecast for global consumption of melamine is positive despite possible concerns over its environmental impact and health hazards. It is expected that global melamine consumption will grow at around 5% annually in short-term future. The most rapid growth is expected in such regions as Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe (especially in Poland with its thriving furniture and construction sectors).

Indium: 2016 World Market Review and Forecast.  The development of substitutes for indium-based compounds (mainly indium tin oxide or ITO) might pose a serious threat for indium consumption. For example, BASF has recently acquired Seashell Technology's knowhow in silver nanowires to use them instead of ITO in display applications. Indium has a number of evident strengths, including its cost-effectiveness and small expenditure in displays, but indium also exhibits price volatility and supply-related issues (like restricting foreign access to China's strategic raw materials). This might negatively affect its consumption. Some alternatives to ITO have been offered so far, including antimony tin oxide and carbon nanotubes in LCDs. Other substitutes are graphene, employed in solar cellelectrodes and flexible touchscreens, and poly (3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene) (PEDOT), used in organic light-emitting diodes.

Potassium Sulphate (SOP): 2016 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2020.  Potassium sulphate (K2SO4) or sulphate of potash (SOP) may be regarded as a premium specialty fertilizer, combining potassium (50% K2O) and sulphur (18%), as well as featuring low chloride content. SOP best suits soils with high levels of salinity. It is also quite effective on soils characterized with sulphur deficiency, which has became an acute problem in many regions due to intensive agriculture and introduction of sulphur-free fertilizers. The benefits of SOP have been clearly documented as it has a capacity to affect plant morphological properties and fruit quality. Such SOP's attributes are instrumental in shifting the focus of various companies on this fertilizer, thus leading to multiple SOP-based projects in different parts of the world. Such projects include operations by Xinjiang Lop Nur Potash Co. in China; Goldphyre in Australia; Sirius Minerals in North Yorkshire (UK); Crystal Peak Minerals Inc. (former EPM Mining Ventures Inc.) and ICP in Utah and New Mexico (both in the USA), respectively; to name just a few.

Potash: 2016 World Market Review and Forecast.  Russia's Uralkali potash production decreased in Q1 2016. Amidst general rise in the output of other fertilizer types in Russia, potash production dropped in January-March 2016. The same trend has been demonstrated by its counterpart in Belarus, Belaruskali. Similar scenarios unfold in other places. Canada's PotashCorp, the leading potash producer in terms of global capacity with six potash mines in Canada, reports large reduction in income due to falling potash prices. The companies take measurers, mainly by suspending operations, to adapt their strategy to this situation, which is viewed as temporal with all the basics of the potash market remaining robust and a possibility of rising demand for potash in the aftermath of diminishing prices.

Perlite and Vermiculite: 2016 World Market Review and Forecast.  Perlite and vermiculite market will continue robust development backed by steady pace of the global economy, (especially in the regions with booming construction sectors and specifically augmented production of lightweight aggregates); increased demand for premium vermiculite grades (especially, for finer grades of vermiculite); reliable supplies of perlite (mainly from Turkey, Greece and China) and vermiculite (mainly from South Africa, USA and Brazil). The latter is true in the light of the plans envisaged by Brasil Minérios Ltda (Minérios) to significantly expand its vermiculite operations in Brazil to 200,000 tons by 2016, thus becoming the largest global producer of vermiculite. Global vermiculite and perlite demand will grow 3.5-4.3% a year by 2020.

Many other trustworthy insightful research studies exploring various chemical markets are available at Merchant Research & Consulting website.

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