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September 25, 2013 15:11 ET

New Collaboration With Lonna Marie Helps a Web Marketing Firm to Provide Pop and Folk Music Videos to Clients

In an Effort to Provide Better Original Content to Clients, i4 Solutions Has Begun a New Collaboration With Lonna Marie; This Project Will Give Clients a Means to Host an Original Music Video on Their Website Performed by Someone With a Beautiful Voice

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 25, 2013) - How can a web marketing firm leverage the popular view of a generation infatuated with singing and live performances?

As a means to go beyond their affordable SEO services, and to reach a larger portion of younger entrepreneurs, i4 Solutions has started contracting artists like Lonna Marie, of Los Angeles, California. This bold program is the latest in a series of new offerings from an Internet marketing company that believes in high quality presentation and credibility. "There is nothing better for certain industries, such as charity websites," said Brandon Anderson, Co-Founder of i4 Solutions, "as having an original song from a seasoned performer who shows her passion every second she is onscreen." As a pop and folk singer in the Los Angeles market, Lonna Marie is well aware of quality standards, and is not intimidated by the challenge of harnessing a powerful voice to convey the pain and loss that is healed by charitable organizations.

Why does a song unify people?

There is a noticeable difference in the response a web marketing firm gets to their presentations when channeling the assistance of a brilliant artist. The new collaboration will allow the CEO to better harness the power of their traffic derived from affordable SEO services. What this does to enhance the offerings of the Internet marketing company, is to create a personal message that is deep and warm. While artists like Lonna Marie are very exclusive, and will only work on projects that satisfy their need for creative growth and integrity, many charities and businesses can still partake in this new service. There is a different part of the brain that is accessed when people are listening to music, and for some, it is the only way to achieve a calm, meditative state.

Great opportunities for charities and non-profits.

While both parties are big believers in charitable organizations, the outreach from the professional singer and web marketing firm is substantial. On her own website, Lonna Marie states that 50% of all funds go to charitable causes. This provides a means for artists and Internet marketing companies to reach out and help those in need during these difficult economic times. An original, heartfelt song is so much more of a help to the organizations when presenting their cause to donors and even a possible Kickstarter project. This new service isn't necessarily a good fit for all businesses and organizations, but for those that are in the proper markets, it has been extremely effective. There is nothing more important to convey on a website than a first impression, and a music video that comes across with genuine flair and artistic grace really helps to drive home a message to the public. This also helps clients to maintain strong credibility with search engines by providing original content that is mainstream and will get a great deal of views. For more information, please visit: