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August 24, 2005 09:30 ET

New Communication Tools Improve Effectiveness of Whiteboard Presentations

BAKERSFIELD, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 24, 2005 -- New ergonomically designed communication tools manufactured by Zeratas reduce meeting costs by improving the effectiveness, speed, and quality of whiteboard presentations.

The complete system consists of a Pentiva® dry-erase marker manager that holds four different pen colors and an EraserRedi™ high-quality whiteboard eraser with integrated NuRiva™ professional strength spray cleaner.

Both products may be securely stored on a whiteboard using the included mounting clip ensuring that pens, eraser, and spray cleaner are always organized and ready for use. The interchangeable storage clips are easily installed without tools using peel-and-stick adhesive.

Since narrow pen trays are no longer used, the possibility of whiteboard accessories being accidentally knocked off is eliminated. These products are excellent for use with easel, flip, or moveable whiteboards or whiteboards without pen trays.

Return on investment is almost immediate with Pentiva®. Shortening a single meeting by just a minute or two will often recoup the initial expense even with only a few key employees attending. Pentiva® also provides significant intangible benefits from higher quality and more professional communications within an organization.

Pentiva® speeds up presentations by decreasing the time required to change pen colors through the elimination of individual caps.

Not fumbling with old-fashioned individual pen caps adds professionalism to meetings. This is especially important for sales meetings.

"Customer presentations are quicker and look more professional with Pentiva®. Another big advantage is that I am no longer losing pens because my Pentiva® keeps them together and the mounting clip prevents the pens from falling on the floor," said graphic artist Julie Hayes.

A high-quality, precision EraserTop™ is included for each marker. These reusable mini-erasers are conveniently located at the end of each pen just like a pencil eraser. Besides saving time, using an EraserTop™ looks more professional than using a finger and helps prevent ink-stained hands.

Pentiva® was designed to facilitate using multiple colors with ease. Research has shown the following benefits from using color:

--  Increases comprehension by as much as 73%
--  Increases motivation by up to 80%
--  Helps sell up to 80% more
Pentiva® and EraserRedi™ are sold on-line at for $14.95 and $9.95 respectively.

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