SOURCE: Consumer Hope Center, Inc.

Consumer Hope Center, Inc.

January 29, 2009 20:38 ET

New Consumer Loan Modification Guide Offers Hope to Homeowners in Need

Consumer Hope Center Publicly Announces the Release of Its Safe, Easy-to-Use and Affordable Guide Which Walks Homeowners Through the Loan Modification Process

BEVERLY HILLS, CA--(Marketwire - January 29, 2009) - Home foreclosure in the U.S. has reached epidemic proportions, and one of the nation's hardest hit communities, spanning three counties in Southern California, will be the first to hear about a viable solution. Founders of a new Web site,, designed specifically for homeowners facing loss, plan to discuss their solution this Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on their local 93.5 FM's "Beat of the Community" radio talk show.

Consumer Hope Center (CHC) also announces their public invitation to participate in what they are calling, "The One Million Saved Homes Challenge." Participants who join receive free information and resources regarding foreclosure prevention, as well as around the clock access to an online support forum where homeowners can post questions regarding their situation and receive timely answers.

The goal is to protect, strengthen and promote homeownership by giving American homeowners the tools and support to stop foreclosure. By assisting, educating, and improving communication amongst homeowners and lenders, Consumer Hope Center aims to prevent 1 million anticipated foreclosures across the nation. Participation is free. For details, visit

Founders of the site have designed a step-by-step consumer guide, "New Beginnings," to help the homeowner take control of their mortgage. And they're passionate about their work. They have identified a growing problem of home loss in America, and believe the solution is an affordable consumer guide specifically for homeowners facing foreclosure. And it is now available to consumers at a fraction of what they may otherwise pay other companies to renegotiate their loans for them.

Statistics show that one in ten homeowners in the U.S. are now in default with their lender. Experts predict that in the next 12-18 months that number will double to more than 20 million households, with many others on the verge. This is nearing epidemic proportions, say industry professionals.

With the fear of foreclosure and the threat of losing their homes, many homeowners are feeling discouraged and hopeless. Fortunately, has developed an easy and affordable way to throw them a lifeline.

New Beginnings is a safe, simple and affordable guide that explains the entire loan modification process in easy-to-understand language. It walks the homeowner through what a loan modification is, who would need it, and how to successfully apply for a loan modification. It shows them how to complete the forms and applications provided to them, write effective hardship letters to their lenders, and gather the documents required by their lender. Owners will learn how to successfully negotiate with their lenders for new, lower mortgage payments that will meet their personal budget. Many homeowners are wasting a lot of money, time and energy trying to modify their loans by hiring 3rd party companies, say the guide's authors. New Beginnings places the homeowner in control of the loan modification process, drastically increasing their chances of a successful outcome with their lender.

The management team at and is made up of an elite group of people possessing years of real estate, mortgage, legal and loan modification experience. The Center believes this is the perfect resource for homeowners in need.

"Plain and simple, Consumer Hope Center was formed to help people help themselves, one loan modification at a time," says Dani Shaker, principal and co-founder of the site. "We want to give every American who is in trouble with their house payments, both help and hope, and keep it truly affordable at the same time."

About Consumer Hope Center:

In light of the current foreclosure crisis in this country, a team of professionals decided to form Consumer Hope Center, Inc. in order to educate and guide the American homeowner toward saving their home.

CHC is comprised of an elite group of professionals with over thirty years of combined real estate, banking, legal and lending experience, making them the ideal resource for those in need of loan modification assistance. Versed in lending institutions' internal operating system and loan modification process, they know what to look for in order to approve an application. The team has gathered and compiled insider tips that will help consumers save thousands of dollars, and most importantly, their homes.