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April 05, 2011 09:00 ET

New Corticon 5 Business Rules Management System Reduces Development Time by 90 Percent

"No Coding" Rules Engine Used by Over 450 Enterprise Customers

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - April 5, 2011) - Corticon, a leading provider of business rules management systems (BRMS), today announced Corticon 5 BRMS, the most powerful and easy-to-use rules engine available. Corticon 5's patented "no coding" rules engine manages even the most sophisticated decision making logic in a simple spreadsheet-like environment. Performance enhancements include improved modeling and rule reuse features, along with new integration capabilities to more deeply integrate into diverse customer and partner IT environments. 

Rules engines automate the business logic behind decisions, from both manual and inflexible legacy system processes, to lower operational costs, increase customer satisfaction and generate higher profits. Corticon 5 is designed to bring BRMS technology into new or underserved market segments in which rules play a leading role in ensuring corporate agility. Corticon, with more than 450 global enterprise customers, competes in a market that analysts forecast will double from 2010 to 2014. 

"Corticon's model for developing and managing business rules delivers real collaboration between business and IT," said James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions. "Their customers can keep pace with dynamic market changes by significantly compressing application development and maintenance. Corticon 5 puts Corticon in prime position to attract customers striving for greater corporate agility."

Corticon 5 addresses the challenges of the dynamic enterprise: tight application development times, frequent change cycles, and complex integrations with existing development environments. 

  • Performance and Scalability.  The Corticon 5 rules engine delivers millisecond response times and easily scales to support millions of transactions per day. Powered by a patented "design-time" algorithm, performance scales linearly regardless of the number of rules and complexity of data.
  • Accuracy and Integrity.  Corticon 5 guarantees accurate results from the rules engine, with unique rule integrity features that ensure the right decisions are made at the right time. New visual representations, vocabulary enhancements and variance testing ensure data integrity.
  • Agility to Change.  Dynamic business environments require constant adjustment to business rules, and Corticon 5's spreadsheet-like modeling tools make it simple to implement changes with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
  • Ease of Use.  Corticon 5's model-driven approach enables business analysts and policy makers -- those who best understand the dynamics forcing change within the organization -- to model and deploy business rules without the need for traditional programming. Enhanced reuse capabilities ensure that rules can be written once and then applied across multiple applications and decision services.
  • Integration. Corticon 5's enhanced APIs and integration with open-source development environments make it simple for partners and customers to incorporate the rules engine into their solutions and preferred software development infrastructure.

"Corticon continues to extend the reach and the value of business rules engines," said Dr. Mark Allen, Founder and CEO of Corticon. "Corticon 5 provides both the quickest on-ramp for those new to rules engines, and the greatest scalability for the most demanding enterprise environments."

Corticon 5 is available immediately. For more information, contact Corticon at 650-212-2424 ext. 300 or visit our website at Corticon 5.

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Corticon enables organizations to make better, faster decisions by automating business rules. Corticon's patented "no-coding" rules engine is used by over 450 customers worldwide to automate their most sophisticated decision processes, reducing development and change cycles by 90 percent. Automated decision management with Corticon empowers organizations to improve productivity and customer service, and adapt quickly to changing market conditions. For more information, visit

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