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May 10, 2016 07:00 ET

New Course Addresses Key Areas of ED Triage Risk

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - May 10, 2016) - Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) is pleased to announce the release of Nursing Triage in the Emergency Department, a personalized online learning solution that helps triage nurses make more timely and accurate clinical assessments so patients receive safer care.

Nursing Triage for the ED is the newest evidence-based course in GNOSIS for Emergency Medicine (EM), a patented online learning platform for nurses and physicians that focuses on the leading causes of adverse ED events. GNOSIS for EM also includes courses on the evaluation, diagnosis and management of the highest risk clinical presentations, and on improving overall communication in the ED.

The new triage course targets failures and delays in diagnoses, factors alleged in almost 50% of all ED malpractice claims. As with all GNOSIS courses, Nursing Triage for the ED also includes analytics that illuminate a team's proficiency and engagement, and what is required to improve it.

"The role of the triage nurse is critical to patient outcomes in the emergency department," said Dr. Bill Binder, director of emergency medicine at APS. "The more informed and trained clinicians become, the more effective they are at identifying the wide range of problems and atypical presentations in the emergency department."

The course, which is now available as part of the GNOSIS for EM suite, is designed to improve diagnosis, communication, and teamwork. The learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the logic of 5-level triage systems and the differences among them
  • Identifying decision-making criteria and assessment questions for triage decisions at each triage level
  • Describing "resources" and explaining their role in triage decision-making
  • Explaining approaches for triage of special populations, including pediatric and behavioral health
  • Practicing strategies for triaging patients presenting to the ED

All courses in GNOSIS for EM, for both physicians and nurses, begin with a comprehensive assessment to benchmark proficiency levels in each subject matter. Clinicians then receive personalized learning content based on knowledge gaps. This individualized curriculum is prioritized by learning needs and delivered online, providing clinicians with a more engaging and less time-consuming experience.

Nursing Triage for the ED covers a variety of topic areas including: improving patient outcomes with triage innovation, patients with immediate life-saving needs, patients requiring rapid medical intervention, specialized tools for pediatric triage, and tools for behavioral health triage. This interactive course also features 15 case reviews derived from actual emergency room presentations, triages, and diagnoses.

"GNOSIS for EM is designed to reduce variation, establish standardized education, and build highly reliable teams in the emergency department," said Dr. Sandhya Gardner, chief content officer at APS. "We expect the result of this course will lead to timely assessments and accurate and unbiased diagnoses. The ultimate goal is to promote more effective triage practices and better patient outcomes."

GNOSIS is a visionary assessment, education, and analytics platform that brings the power of data to healthcare quality and patient safety through personalized learning.

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