Department of National Defence

Department of National Defence

February 17, 2011 12:16 ET

New Court Martial Convened for Ex-Corporal Wilcox

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 17, 2011) - Ex-corporal Matthew Wilcox will face a new Court Martial on April 26, in relation to the shooting death of Corporal Kevin Megeney in Afghanistan in March 2007.

The proceedings in the original General Court Martial, held in Sydney, Nova Scotia, terminated on September 30, 2009. Ex-corporal Wilcox was found guilty of criminal negligence causing death and negligent performance of a military duty. He was sentenced to imprisonment for four years and dismissal from Her Majesty's service. Ex-corporal Wilcox appealed his conviction with the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada, which allowed the appeal on October 18, 2010, setting aside the findings of guilty and directing a new trial. The Director of Military Prosecutions (DMP) subsequently reviewed the case and on October 29, 2010, preferred the following charges:

  • one count of manslaughter, contrary to Section 130 of the National Defence Act, pursuant to Section 236(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada;
  • one count of criminal negligence causing death, contrary to Section 130 of the National Defence Act, pursuant to Section 220(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada; and
  • one count of negligent performance of a military duty, contrary to Section 124 of the National Defence Act

On January 24, 2011, the DMP consented to the election by ex-corporal Wilcox of a trial by Standing Court Martial, meaning that he will be tried by a military judge alone. On February 14, the Court Martial Administrator convened the Standing Court Martial for April 26, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


As the matter is before a service tribunal it would be inappropriate to comment further about the circumstances surrounding this case at this time. Please note, however, that the hearing will be open to the media and the public and will take place at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 26, 2011, at: 6080 Young Street, Suite 506, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Electronic recording devices and photographic equipment will not be permitted inside the courtroom. 

A backgrounder with more information regarding the preferral of charges against ex-corporal Wilcox can be found here:

Contact Information

  • To attend the court martial:
    Captain Colette Brake
    36 Canadian Brigade Group Head Quarters
    Public Affairs Officer
    For any further questions:
    Media Liaison Office in Ottawa