June 01, 2005 17:39 ET

New DABCC White Paper Compares Softricity Application Virtualization to Citrix Systems' Application Isolation

CLARKSTON, MI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 1, 2005 -- DABCC, Inc., today announced the availability of a new white paper by Douglas Brown, "To Install or Not Install: Solving the Application Management Nightmare," that details the differences between, and the relative pros and cons of, Softricity's SoftGrid virtualization solution and Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 Application Isolation Environment (AIE).

"Installing software permanently alters the operating system and inevitably leads to conflicts, often making an entire application or, even worse, the computer itself unusable. This problem has become far too common in both desktop and server-based computing environments, and results in way too much time and money wasted on workarounds," said Doug Brown, president of DABCC, a consulting firm that specializes in server-based and on-demand virtual application computing. "People have been asking me about the differences between Softricity SoftGrid's application virtualization and Citrix System's new application isolation to solve these problems, so I undertook an in-depth study of each technology. I've concluded that only by truly virtualizing applications and eliminating installations in the first place can you create a solution that guarantees excellent application response time and functionality for end-users, while enabling IT to deliver Windows applications in real-time."

Brown's white paper examines whether there is a better way to install and run applications, and whether application issues can be solved in the way that VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server have addressed similar problems with operating systems and hardware. He discusses how various computing methods impact IT's ability to manage enterprise-wide applications, including traditional computing, electronic software distribution, Citrix's server-based computing with and without AIE, and Softricity's SoftGrid on-demand application virtualization.

The white paper covers:

1.   Installation problems:  Why installing applications often results in
     application   conflicts that cause debilitating problems for IT and end

2.   Application management approaches: How traditional computing, ESD, SBC
     and virtualization models handle application installation, support, updates
     and uninstalls.

3.   Application conflict management: How to deal with application
     conflicts if you're using any of the above computing models.

4.   AIE vs. Virtualization:  The differences between Citrix AIE's
     redirection and SoftGrid's virtualization, noting that AIE is an 
     "after-the-fact" process that requires knowledge of which applications
     will conflict and still requires installation, while SoftGrid eliminates 
     installations and application conflicts.
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In addition, Douglas will be giving a webinar on the subject for Virtual Strategy Magazine on June 14th at 12 pm EDT. To register for this event, go to

About Doug Brown:

Doug Brown is president of DABCC, which specializes in the design and development of techniques, methodologies, authoring, education, training, outsourcing and software products that add immediate value to server-based computing and on-demand virtual application computing. Mr. Brown, who was awarded the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft Corporation in 2005 for his contributions to the industry, has earned worldwide recognition for his dedication to providing server-based computing professionals with proven solutions for implementation, infrastructure design, time-saving utilities, performance tips and best practices. Visit, one of the most frequently visited sites internationally for server-based computing information.

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