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March 08, 2011 10:08 ET

New eBook Exposes Subjects All Too Often Avoided in Understanding Abuse in Controlling Relationships

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - March 8, 2011) - Are you in a controlling intimate relationship?

Your partner's "take-charge" personality has robbed you of knowing and being what and who you are. What was once attractive about this person is now the thorn in your side. You long to change the control dynamics, while keeping your relationship intact and/or your family together. The question is... how?

"Controlling Intimate Relationships: Emotional - Sexual - Financial Control" eBook shows the dynamics underlying controlling relationships and helps you break the cycle of abusive control... mental, emotional, sexual and financial.

"Controlling Intimate Relationships: Emotional - Sexual - Financial Control" eBook...

  • Shows the 5 communication patterns of spousal sexual control, arming you with the intimate and intricate insider secrets to identify controlling husbands.
  • Discloses the dynamics of financial control, giving you insight on how financial abuse festers in controlling intimate relationships.
  • Reveals the 5 signs of controlling relationships, giving you insight into the experience of when "we" means losing me.
  • Examines the distinction between appeasement and authenticity, yielding understanding of barriers to a couple embracing one another's perspective.
  • Uncovers sex and control issues including sexual arousal, manipulation and mutual satisfaction, helping you recognize the dangerous elephant under the bed.
  • Gives you the essential keys to breaking the cycle of partner control, allowing you to create mutual honoring, regard, equality and respect in your intimate relationship.
  • ... And more.

"Controlling Intimate Relationships: Emotional - Sexual - Financial Control" eBook sets you on the path toward healing and creating an intimate relationship of mutual honoring, equality and respect.

"Controlling Intimate Relationships: Emotional - Sexual - Financial Control" eBook is authored by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D., psychologist and consulting expert in domestic abuse cases nationwide. She is the leading expert in the subtle communication patterns of controlling relationships and has authored over 350 articles and 11 eBooks on domestic abuse. She helps couples nationwide to end and heal from abusive relationship dynamics.

The easy, informative read is available online in a downloadable PDF file eBook. All proceeds from the sales of "Controlling Intimate Relationships: Emotional - Sexual - Financial Control" eBook support the work of Partners in Prevention, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to ending domestic abuse.

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