Project Manager Online Ltd

November 15, 2010 09:15 ET

New Features Released for Popular Project Tracking Tool

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 15, 2010) - The latest release of the popular project tracking software is now available.

Project Manager Online Ltd. has announced today that the latest release of its web-based project tracking software tool,, is available with new features. These latest features make tracking projects in the online tool easier than ever before.

"Our user community has been pleased with since its release," states Jason Westland, CEO and president of Project Manager Online Ltd. "However, they are not afraid to suggest new features and needs that they have and we listen. Our designers listen and you see that attention to detail in every new release that we put out. That's definitely the case with the newest project tracking features."

Indeed, now offers new ways to input and view task percent completion as well as resource usage information making specific tracking tasks easier. It's critical to know where your project stands on status instantly as well as whether or not your resources are fully utilized. The information has always been there. Now it's even easier for individual project resources to load this information into the project and for the project manager to get to this level of detail in determining the overall status of the project.

"The ability to get to the heart of project status through project tracking tools is key to the success of the project manager," says Westland. "Project managers are always busy – managing the project, the budget, the schedule, the individual resources, and the customer. If our software can give the project manager an even better handle on the project status through easier to use and update project tracking tools then that's what we want to provide. With this latest release of, we have made the project tracking tasks easier and we'll continue to improve on it and incorporate user requests as they come up." has gained significantly in popularity experiencing 20% yearly growth. The software is now utilized by more than 20,000 project professionals in over 200 countries around the world. The largest user growth has been experienced in the small to medium sized business sector where growth has been a steady 30%.

"Our growing sector of small to medium sized business users are citing cost and usability as their main reasons for adopting our product," says Jason. "Our price is a fraction of that of Microsoft Project, but with all the popular features. The SMB sector realizes that and many have chosen to use our product over MS Project. They also realize that their overhead expenses are much less. Our product is more intuitive, meaning a shorter learning curve and no need to send employees off to training to get them up to speed and productive." is a completely web-based solution meaning no downloads, no installs … ever. And very usable. But if you aren't convinced yet, try it out for free for a month. Project Manager Online is offering a free thirty day trial. To signup for the free trial, check out all the features, or to purchase a full user license, visit

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