February 22, 2012 17:39 ET

New Film About Barack Obama Looks to Crowdsourcing for Funding

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Reflections of Obama

A new documentary film that captures opinions on Barack Obama is being pitched to people all over the planet using crowdsourcing website

"Patrons" are able to pledge between $10 to $10,000 for a number of "rewards" including a DVD in the mail when the film is complete, as well as other items like T-Shirts and posters. There are even 9 spots still available for those that want to be interviewed themselves.

Executive Producer Ryan McClure says the film is not a campaign-related project, "We do not work for Obama for America or anything. This is a documentary about what people think about Barack Obama and the job he's been doing as leader of the free world. It's a time capsule. If you speak with people across America and abroad right now there are people who love him and people who really don't like him. We are going to speak with both groups for posterity, as Obama's place in history will be scrutinized a lot down the road. What we are hoping to do is provide a story for future generations that is outside of the 24-hour news cycle."

Asked why the project went with Kickstarter, over other crowdsourcing sites like Indie Go-Go and ChipIn, McClure had this to say, "Kickstarter is an amazing platform. Although it is not the only crowdsourcing option out there, it is probably the most 'connected' solution available right now. When you have investors like Jack Dorsey [Twitter], Zach Klein [Vimeo] and Caterina Fake [Flickr] onboard you must be doing something right on the social media front."

If all goes according to plan shooting is set to finish up at the end of the summer with the final film completed in time to view before the November presidential elections.

More information can be found on the film's dedicated website, or the Kickstarter project page.

Reflections of Obama Synopsis

What will the world say about Barack Obama? Being President of the only superpower means there are national and international opinions on the man's leadership. American audiences will be surprised to hear the extent to which he has changed global perceptions of the United States. International audiences will be interested to see what Americans from across the continent think of their Commander in Chief.

This film will be a time capsule in our shared global history. A public opinion snapshot, for the historical record, of a man destined for the history books. What will they say about this moment in time fifty years from now? These are some reflections.

Reflections of Obama

Treatment for a 75-Minute Documentary

Who? President Barack Obama.

What? Snapshot of global public opinion on Barack Hussein Obama.

Where? Around the world: The United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, Japan, United Kingdom.

When? Next six months.

Why? For posterity - this is a snapshot, before and during, Obama's second presidential campaign in order to get a closer look at how the first African American President impacted the globe.

Whether it is his global policy or his Tweets, the US President affects the lives of individuals all over our planet. This film is a snapshot of world opinion on the man, his presidency so far, and what the future holds for him, his country and the world.

This documentary film begins by looking back at contrasting views in the media before and after winning the 2008 presidential election. Set in the economic climate of doom of 2008, we review Barack Obama's rise to the presidency of the only remaining superpower. His subsequent successes, trials and tribulations as Commander in Chief have meant many different things to many different people. It features character arcs; original reporting and comedic digressions.

Ironic facts emerge as we cultivate a rich source of public opinion on Barack Hussein Obama: the United States. There are often polarized views of his presidential performance here and we provide a share-of-voice to a balance of them. The context here will be a historical perspective.

In China, where incomprehensible amounts of capital flow freely, what is the official party line on the performance of the US President? What is the word-on-the-street? We talk to ex-patriot executives and shopkeepers alike to find the pulse of feeling towards Obama and his leadership performance on the world stage - thus far.

In Japan, a country struggling economically for decades now, we ask these "Recession Veterans" how Obama is doing with the American economy.

In Europe we find out how political and economic circumstances influence perceptions of Obama's global impact.

Several threads will be woven together creating a compelling, poignant and balanced portrait of a man destined to be in the history books, and perhaps "on the money".

We're interested in telling this story for many reasons and no one else can tell this story as well as us. We have collected years of research material and international resources for this project that will bring the facts home to a US audience, as well as capture global reflections of Barack Obama for posterity. Barack Obama is a world leader. This film is for the whole world.

This film will win critics and audiences over through revelation, humor and surprise. We are interested in bringing the current global perception of Barack Obama to light so this film is right up our editorial alley. We thirst for educated opinions of Barack Obama that come from outside of the 24-hour news cycle and believe that many other people around the world feel the same way.

This film will make for an interesting slice of history now, and especially later, down history's long and winding road. Who knows, maybe it could even influence the 2012 elections.

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