April 18, 2011 08:30 ET

New FitFeud Analytics Dashboard Gives Corporate Wellness Managers Deep Insight Into Program Effectiveness

Intuitive Interface Provides Real-Time Weight Loss Competition Analytics

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - Apr 18, 2011) - FitFeud, a leading provider of enterprise weight loss competition software, today introduced its new Analytics Dashboard that makes overseeing and tracking weight loss competitions easier and more efficient. Designed for corporate health managers, benefits and wellness directors, and human resource executives, the new dashboard provides an intuitive interface that centralizes all of the most needed analytics, competition performance data and activity updates.

"On average, American companies paid approximately 150 billion dollars in obesity-related healthcare costs last year," said Nicholas Tolson, Founder and CEO, FitFeud. "That's a growing cost that can be controlled and even reduced. We've had a great response to FitFeud already and we think this new dashboard will provide an even better user experience, and hopefully introduce our competition-based system to companies who have always wanted to try a corporate weight loss challenge."

The new FitFeud Analytics Dashboard will provide managers quick access to real-time insight on the effectiveness of their competition. Among other valuable data, the new Analytics Dashboard displays:

  • Total Weight Loss - Sum of the weight lost by all competition participants
  • Return On Investment - Based on CDC calculations, a real dollar figure estimate of the direct and indirect savings resulting from the competition
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Distribution - How many people in the competition are in each category of BMI: normal, overweight, obese
  • Body Mass Index Change - Aggregate data on how many people in the competition have improved their BMI

FitFeud's online software platform is a highly effective application that provides access to real-time progress and success reports for employers. FitFeud's approach with its clients includes jointly determining competition details, strategizing how to run a successful registration campaign, and setting up alerts, reminders and goals both parties wish to achieve. The competition engagement tools offered include real-time statistics, automated email reminders, competition chat, progress success reports, competition statistics reports, and custom URLs to co-brand the client's competition.

"In a recent CNN poll, 74% of respondents said 'lack of motivation' was their biggest obstacle to reaching weight loss and fitness goals," said Tolson. "FitFeud firmly believes that competition equals motivation. Our simple and results-focused approach yields quicker ROI and higher participation rates, a key factor in corporate wellness programs."

About FitFeud
FitFeud was founded in 2009 as a means of motivating and challenging individuals and corporations to get serious about fitness and weight loss. Driven by a belief that the industry has a responsibility to help people tackle their fitness and obesity issues long-term, FitFeud has designed a unique competition-driven approach to weight loss and fitness. The FitFeud system provides the means to achieve long-term health habits and behavioral changes on both a personal and corporate level, resulting in happier employees and reduced health care costs. For more information, visit

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