February 04, 2009 09:00 ET

NEW FitFlop® Walks Into Canada: The Flip-Flop With the Gym Built-In™!

Yes, this is walk-it science.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 4, 2009) - Introducing a great new way to work-out while you walk! FitFlops, an International phenomenon, are now available in Canada. Engineered with a multi-density midsole, the FitFlop tones and trims your legs with every step. FitFlops are all you need to ensure both you and your wardrobe end up in better shape.

Created in the UK, over a two-year collaboration between spa-entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore, Senior Lecturing Biomechanist Dr. David Cook and Biomechanist Researcher Darren James, the FitFlop was initially designed to help modern women fit a little more exercise into their increasingly hectic schedules.

"I thought, how amazing if I could invent something that would help fight the onset of cellulite while I'm walking to the office", says Kilgore. "I work. I have kids. I have a husband. And the likelihood of me seeing the inside of a gym in the next 10 years is slim to none. That said, I'd obviously prefer to go with slim."

Kilgore found Dr. Cook at The Centre for Human Performance at London's South Bank University, where he envisioned injecting the now patent-pending microwobbleboard™ technology into the midsole of the function-forward FitFlop. Slightly destabilizing, the FitFlop features a fusion of three different shore hardnesses of EVA foam, challenging muscles every time you step, to deliver a workout while you walk.

The FitFlop is the fastest selling new health and wellness shoe in history. This spring, FitFlops are combining fitness and fashion, offering Canadians a great way to get a leg up on fitness.


Originally created with fitness and muscle firmness in mind, walking in FitFlops has been reported to:

- tone leg and bum muscles

- alleviate chronic back pain and osteoarthritis

- speed rehabilitation of injured joints

- deliver relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and arthritis

- decrease swelling and aching legs after standing or walking all day

- result in inch loss

- cause an overwhelming desire to wear FitFlops around the clock

Independently tested at the University of Salford, by UK Olympic Team lower limb Biomechanist expert Dr. Philip-Graham Smith, FitFlops deliver a statistically significant increase in muscle load and activity while you walk in them.


FitFlop is proud to present a wide variety of fashion-forward styles designed in fabulous colours and finishes to satisfy your inner fashionista.

FitFlop is also very excited to introduce a men's model: The Dass. Just like our ladies version - it features the same patent-pending microwobbleboard™ technology that loads your leg muscles with every step. Our more masculine model is made to help sporty sorts with warm up/cool down, and those with old injuries, arthritis, or aching joints walk around without feeling any pain.

Go ahead. Put your foot down!

You'll feel what happens almost immediately.

FitFlops retail from $79.99 (prices vary per style).

To find a FitFlops retailer near you, please visit


Developed in the UK by former Bliss spa-entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore and Biochemists Dr. David Cook and Darren James, the FitFlop is designed to increase muscle activity through a destabilizing midsole in order to deliver a work out while you walk. FitFlop was created in 2007 and is now the fastest selling new health and wellness shoe in history with over 1.5 million pairs sold since June 2007.

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