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September 07, 2011 15:58 ET

New Florida Roaches Leave Florida Homeowners Squirming, Reports Suncoast

New Cockroach Species Are Arriving in Florida, While Domestic Varieties Thrive

ST. PETERSBURG, FL--(Marketwire - Sep 7, 2011) - Protecting one's family and property against Florida roaches has long been a troubling task for many Floridians. However, recent reports have many homeowners utterly distressed as reports of foreign cockroach species continue to surface in the Sunshine State.

In the United States there are sixty-nine species of known cockroaches, with as many as twenty-nine originating from foreign countries. Traditionally, these invasive varieties have been a byproduct of international trade, as they often act as stowaways on transoceanic freights. However, a new trend is emerging that is leaving pest experts and homeowners alike distraught.

As a renowned hotspot for exotic pets, South Florida is home to a wide spectrum of unusual animals. With many recovering from a looming recession, numerous exotic pet owners have sought out cheap alternatives to traditionally expensive pet food. Crickets, the long time favorite chow of many reptile pets, have now been replaced with cockroaches. By substituting cockroaches for crickets, exotic pet owners have found that they can save over $500 per year, while reducing noise and offensive odors.

However, this trend means that thousands of foreign cockroaches are being imported to South Florida every year. These varieties of cockroaches include the Lobster Roach, the Orange Roach, and most notably the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach which can grow up to three inches in length. Furthermore, military equipment returning from the Middle East has been found to contain the Turkestan Roach. This breed, which was recently introduced to the US, has already spread across Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, and is expected to keep multiplying.

The existing species of Florida cockroaches have been deemed the most difficult pest to prevent and treat. Even the most minor food particles can attract a colony of roaches. With experts predicting an onslaught of foreign roaches, one must be prepared to battle an unfamiliar enemy. Professional pest control services are the only way to ensure that your home does not fall victim to a roach infestation.

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