Women of Possibility

September 30, 2013 17:56 ET

New Free Alberta Magazine Launching to Inspire Female Entrepreneurs

'Women of Possibility' available launches October 1, 2013

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Sept. 30, 2013) - A new digital magazine Women of Possibility is set to launch October 1, 2013. Founded by a small town Alberta native, Amy Deagle, the quarterly magazine is meant to inspire women in rural areas and small towns to challenge the status quo and think outside their geography.

"Small town doesn't mean small life," says Deagle, "I want women to start imagining what is possible for their life and stop letting location be an excuse for why they are playing small. I love rural and wanted to advocate more women returning to their rural roots but not giving up their careers, businesses or dreams because of those perceived small town limitations."

The inaugural publication will include contributions from 20 women handpicked by the founder who have achieved successful, vibrant lives in small towns or rural areas. The publications philosophy is to prove to women that success is a mindset, not a location.

"My goal is not just a global readership of rural and small town women, but also those with rural roots who need the motivation to get back to where they belong - show them they can thrive anywhere," says Deagle. "It's about creating a connected community of women who can talk to others in similar situations in order to improve their own."

The free publication will be promoted by the contributors via email broadcasts and social media, and Deagle expects the subscribers to grow exponentially as it will serve as an accessible platform designed to reach as many small town women as possible who aspire to step into a life filled with audacious possibility.

For more information, or to subscribe for your FREE issue visit: www.amydeagle.com/magazine.

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