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October 28, 2013 04:00 ET

New Global Consumer Trends Survey From Euromonitor International Identifies Evolving Consumer Behaviours and Attitudes

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS--(Marketwired - Oct. 28, 2013) - Market Research Company Euromonitor International today released new survey results tracking consumer trends in nine developed and emerging markets.

Euromonitor's "Global Consumer Trends" survey explores consumer spending intentions, shopping attitudes, consumer technology, meal and snack preferences, healthy living patterns, personal values, and household demographics.

"In our 2011 edition, we set a baseline for many aspects of consumer life. In 2013, we investigate the impact of on-going economic sluggishness on consumers' purchasing decisions in developed markets," said Eileen Bevis, Survey Manager at Euromonitor. "We also explore the confrontation happening in emerging markets between consumers' access to new, globalized information and their commitment to local cultural traditions."

One key area where information, values, and economics intersect is eco-conscious buying. Euromonitor's latest survey results show consumers pay the most attention to environmentally or ethically conscious features when purchasing products they are going to personally apply, eat, drink, or touch. Not only do consumers pay attention, they are willing to pay at least a little extra for such features. Nearly two-thirds of respondents in the US are willing to pay extra for such "green" features in packaged food (62%), though only 8% are willing to pay a lot more. Half of Brazilian respondents will pay at least a little more for sustainably produced apparel and footwear (51%).

Key Findings by Category from the Global Consumer Trends Survey:

Consumer Spending Intentions

  • Fast food is out, travel is in: nearly 40% of online consumers plan to decrease their spending on fast food in the next 12 months, while one-quarter anticipate increases in their travel budget
  • Even in developed markets, where economies have been hit hard, younger consumers are twice as likely as their older counterparts to anticipate increasing their spending in the next 12 months (20% of those under 45, compared with 11% of those over 45)

Shopping Attitudes and Key Product Preferences

  • Consumers continue to be interested in value in the form of high quality, especially as represented by strong brands and low prices
  • Independent consumer reviews are eclipsing traditional media, such as TV ads, as the most influential marketing channel in consumers' minds

Consumer Technology Access and Activities

  • One third of internet-connected consumers now own a tablet computer
  • Online shopping continues to gain traction among consumers: over 80% have now purchased apparel, shoes, or consumer electronics online at least once, if not more frequently

Meal and Snack Preparation and Preferences

  • Although the availability and acceptance of ready meals and takeaway is increasing, consumers are still sitting down to home-prepared meals not just weekly, but daily
  • When shopping for food, consumers look for "added vitamins or fibre" on labels and shun artificial ingredients, particularly in emerging markets

Healthy Living Patterns

  • Overall, global online consumers tend to have positive perceptions of their health, particularly in emerging markets
  • Weight management and dieting is also on the radar for global consumers, 44% actively monitor their weight and 23% are on a formal diet

Personal Traits & Values

  • In this hyper-connected era, internet-connected consumers are nearly all looking for ways to simplify their hectic lives
  • Time with family remains incredibly important to consumers in all markets

See more of Euromonitor's "Global Consumer Trends" Report here:

Euromonitor International's Global Consumer Trends survey results are drawn from online consumers ranging in age from 15 to 65+ and living in 9 major markets: Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia (new in 2013), United Kingdom, and USA. Approximately 1,800-2,000 consumers in each market are surveyed each round, with many topics tracked over time.

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