Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

August 10, 2009 14:49 ET

New gold standard facility for the beef industry in Nova Scotia

MONTREAL, Aug. 10 - Today, MacMaster Choice Meats, a new million dollar premium beef and pork processing centre, has opened its doors in Antigonish County.

The new facility will ensure the high quality and safety of MacMaster's premium products. Frank MacMaster, a member of the eighth generation of a farming family, says: "Some people thought I was raising the bar too high when I said that I wanted to be recognized as the gold standard in the beef and pork industry. They now realize that I accomplished that goal. The facility is not only modern and environmentally-advanced, it also instils confidence that the food being produced is a premium quality product."

MacMaster Choice Meats standards include environmentally-friendly operations. The facility was built to use the best environmental practices, from energy efficient lighting to using the heat from the compressors to run the refrigeration system. "Going green is smart. It will help our industry meet its challenges," he explains.

The MacMasters also propose to raise cattle naturally in Nova Scotia - no hormones, no antibiotics and no fertilizers. "We want to show people a different vision of the future, as well as become the plant to look for in Angus beef production."

"A project this ambitious needs financial support and sound advice. We share Frank's dream and we are happy to support it with both," said Craig Levangie, BDC Vice President and Area Manager for Nova Scotia. Concludes MacMaster: "Other banks didn't provide the dual financing and consulting package I needed. The ability to offer both services makes BDC different and it was instrumental to our successful start."

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