March 05, 2010 15:34 ET

New Government Backed "Cash for Caulkers" Program to Boost Energy-Efficient Home Renovations Market

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 5, 2010) -   President Obama's much anticipated HOMESTAR program got one step closer to reality this week when he laid out the details of a $6 billion package that will stimulate the construction and trade sectors. The appropriately nicknamed "Cash for Caulkers" program will provide instant rebates to homeowners who make their homes more energy-efficient by installing new windows, doors, insulation and other materials that reduce carbon footprint. While primarily designed to help consumers themselves, the HOMESTAR program will have a positive financial impact on manufacturers, investors, and vendors who are currently providing these materials.

A recent SBI Energy market study titled "Energy-Efficient Home Renovations Market" reports that energy-efficient windows already far outsell other types of fenestration products in the home remodeling industry. Combined with the HOMESTAR program and ARRA incentives this market will see double-digit growth over the next three years; much like the energy-efficient home renovations market overall, which SBI Energy has forecasted to grow 15% and reach $35 billion dollars by 2013.

The "Cash for Caulkers" program may not be approved until later this year, but try telling that to the home insulation market. ENERGY-STAR created a huge opportunity in the home insulation segment by educating consumers on the cost savings that occur by caulking and sealing air leaks and will lead the market to a phenomenal 25% increase in 2010, SBI Energy states.

When discussing energy-efficient remodeling, heating and ventilation equipment and roofing materials deserve a lofty slot. Energy-efficient residential roofing has been growing by leaps and bounds since 2003, mostly due to aggressive marketing campaigns for ENERGY-STAR qualified metal roofing. SBI Energy expects this segment to explode between 2011 and 2013; posting sales increases of 20% to 30% in each of those years. Meanwhile, residential energy-efficient HVAC product segments will value $5 billion by 2013.

"Obama's HOMESTAR program goes beyond the needs of today and will solidify a future market for energy-efficient upgrades," says Shelley Carr Publisher of SBI Energy. "Technology 10 years from now will allow a home built today to be even more efficient, thus ensuring a future in 'green' industry. Furthermore, as long as owners who pay for energy-efficient products see long-term returns from their investment through energy bill savings, there will be a lucrative market in energy efficiency products for... in... and around... the home."

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