September 12, 2011 08:30 ET

New Groundbreaking Release of Taleo Enterprise Gives Companies the Talent Intelligence to Build and Retain a Top Performing Workforce

Latest Release Enables Taleo Customers to Make Better Workforce Decisions, Execute Talent Strategies and Drive Better Business Outcomes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 12, 2011) - TALEO WORLD -- As more than 1,600 innovators from around the world gather for its annual user conference, Taleo Corporation (NASDAQ: TLEO), the global leader of SaaS-based Talent Management solutions, today unveiled powerful new capabilities that make it easier than ever for enterprises to build and retain a top-performing workforce.

The latest release of Taleo Enterprise™ puts Talent Intelligence™ right where employees, managers and recruiters need it most: at the point of action. With Talent Intelligence, companies gain the insight they need to capitalize on their most critical asset -- their people -- to drive better business performance. According to a McKinsey report, companies that have achieved these insights are out-performing their competitors with as much as 40 percent higher profitability per employee.(1)

"At Rogers Communications, we recognize that streamlining Talent Management processes, such as improving the quality of new hires and cutting the time it takes to bring them aboard, improves productivity and drive costs from the business. We continue to leverage Talent Intelligence to sharpen our effectiveness," said Bret Leech, vice president of Human Resources at Rogers Communications.

The new release of Taleo Enterprise introduces groundbreaking social recruiting capabilities, new search and visualization tools, and a more flexible talent development environment. Together, the enhancements allow organizations to act on insights instantly.


New social recruiting enhancements remove friction from the application process -- for job-seekers and recruiters alike -- while dramatically increasing the pool of candidates available to companies seeking talent. For instance, Taleo is making it easier for job-seekers to apply online by allowing them, with the click of a button, to pull information directly from their LinkedIn profiles into online applications via LinkedIn Profile Upload. And recruiters now have instant access to candidate information stored in more than 120 million LinkedIn profiles, all without ever leaving Taleo.


With powerful new search and visualization capabilities including Talent Browser, managers can be more effective at finding and leveraging hidden talent within their organization. A single, fast interface puts pertinent information on internal and external talent at the fingertips of managers and recruiters, and allows them to instantly act on search results by adding talent they find to succession plans, open requisitions or talent pools. Recruiters can also search metrics such as review ratings, potential, and readiness for promotion to identify the best internal candidates for open positions. And by drilling into goal alignment, performance and skill gaps, Taleo's Talent Browser lets executives see how goals are aligned across employees throughout the organization.


Taleo also gives employees, managers and training administrators the tools and flexibility they need to analyze workforce capabilities, uncover skill gaps, and refine development strategies. For instance, the ability to share learning metrics lets managers gauge how employees are adopting new training programs. Taleo has also added new tools for publishing, such as reports that can be tailored to answer specific business questions, so talent development strategies are informed by an understanding of how they align with key business imperatives. And learning histories have added training, completion data, and certificates from courses completed outside the organization -- resulting in more comprehensive insights into how and where talent is developing.

"With this new release, Taleo continues to aggressively enhance its Talent Management platform to help companies attract and engage top talent, build better teams and optimize development strategies," said Jason Blessing, executive vice president of products and technology at Taleo. "Now more than ever, Taleo enables enterprises to harness the power of Talent Intelligence and, in turn, unleash the power of their people."

About Taleo
Taleo (NASDAQ: TLEO) helps organizations improve the performance of their business by unlocking the power of their people. Taleo is the only company to provide industry leading solutions in every category of Talent Management. Through its cloud-based platform, Taleo optimizes recruiting, performance management, learning and compensation -- and integrates them all so managers have the insights they need to achieve Talent Intelligence. Customers also plug into Taleo's unique Talent Grid community to harness the power of proven best practices, millions of users, and Taleo-ready partner solutions. From small and medium sized businesses to large enterprises, more than 5,000 organizations rely on Taleo every day to pursue growth, innovation and customer success.

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(1) McKinsey Quarterly: Why multinationals struggle to manage talent

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