Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems

Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems

September 30, 2015 15:59 ET

New Height Rules Leave Some New Jersey Homeowners Scrambling to Protect Exposed Pipes Reports Heat-Line

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, new base flood elevations for flood-vulnerable New Jersey coastal homes has created a big demand for products to keep exposed water pipes and septic lines from freezing on newly raised houses, according to Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems

CARNARVON, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Sept. 30, 2015) - To avoid future flood damage and comply with new base flood elevations recommended by FEMA, many Hurricane Sandy victims are either rebuilding their coastal New Jersey homes higher or raising existing homes as much as four feet. Heat-Line Freeze Protection Systems (www.heatline.com), a Canadian manufacturer of innovative freeze protection systems, reports that elevating these homes has created a new demand for freeze protection products on the Jersey coast. "Over the last few months, we have received countless calls from New Jersey homeowners and building contractors inquiring about our freeze protection solutions. People in these newly elevated houses are concerned about protecting water pipes and septic lines that are now out in the open," says Heat-Line CEO Lorne Heise.

"By raising their homes to avoid flood damage and qualify for flood insurance for future disasters, many New Jersey homeowners have exposed their water supply feeds and septic main lines to the elements where they come out of the ground and into their homes. In the winter months, anywhere these vulnerable water systems are open to the atmosphere they are in danger of freezing from the cold outdoor air. It is critical that these systems are protected from the elements and prevented from freezing," explains Heise.

According Heat-Line Operations Manager Matt Roberts, in the wake of New Jersey's post-hurricane massive rebuild, the company has been getting plenty of business from the state, with a high demand for several different types of freeze products from their extensive line. "We have had many clients from New Jersey purchase Retro-Line, Paladin for pipe, and CARAPACE to protect their water lines. With respect to septic systems our Paladin, Retro-DWS, and Retro-FM lines have proven very popular. Naturally, our products that protect water supply pipes and waste water lines have been of particular interest, but we have also had inquiries about stack vent freeze protection and roof ice dam solutions. If there is something critical that can freeze, we have a solution for the problem," says Roberts.

Heat-Line anticipates that the calls from New Jersey will continue well into the fall, especially as it gets later in the season and temperatures drop.

About Heat-Line: Heat-Line Freeze Protect Systems, a division of Christopher MacLean Ltd., specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced water pipe freeze protection systems using advanced self-regulating technology. Canadian owned and operated, Heat-Line offers an extensive line of safe, innovative and energy efficient freeze protection products for home, cottage, commercial and industrial applications. Eliminate water line freeze up and pipe freezing economically and effectively, even in the coldest climates, with cable heat trace systems from Heat-Line. To learn more about Heat-Line and their many quality Freeze protection products, including Retro-Line, Kompensator, Paladin, CARAPACE, and ArcticVent, visit www.heatline.com or call 1-800-584-4944.

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