February 02, 2012 09:13 ET

New HPEV Technology Could Save Submersible Pump and Electric Motor Industries Millions of Dollars

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - Feb 2, 2012) - HPEV, Inc. (OTCQB: BIBB) (PINKSHEETS: BIBB) received a Notice of Allowance for its latest patent application: technology that enables submersible motors and pumps to be significantly reduced in size and cost without a reduction in horsepower or torque. The notice means the company will be awarded the patent rights when it pays the necessary fees.

"This is a significant game changer in a multi-billion dollar industry," said Tim Hassett, co-founder of HPEV, Inc. "Currently, all dry pit submersible motors use water jackets, the effluent medium, elaborate heat exchangers or over-sizing of motors by doubling or even tripling their diameter to achieve the necessary horsepower and torque outputs. These are 25 year old solutions at best.

"Our technology cools the motors without all of these costly bolt-ons, allowing for a dramatic reduction in physical size and cost of manufacturing. This is an absolute must-have technology for industry leaders such as ITT Flygt, KSB, Grundfos, and Ebara to name just a few," added Hassett.

Electric motors are used for a multitude of tasks; many involve applications where cooling is difficult or limited by regulatory agencies such as FM, UL, CSA and MSHA. Currently, these difficult applications utilize totally enclosed, explosion-proof motors, relying on various cooling schemes (oversized motors, closed loop cooled, blower cooled, water jacketed or effluent cooled). Our technology does away with all that.

HPEV's thermal technology is incorporated in the motor itself, eliminating the need for antiquated cooling schemes and providing 25 to 50% more rating for motors of the same frame size with the same active material. The results will demonstrate a motor that is smaller, much lower cost to make and produced with little to no new investment in tooling and patterns.

This will bring the number of new patents assigned to HPEV's intellectual property portfolio to 12 patents or patents-pending with two others remaining to be assigned.

About HPEV, Inc.:
HPEV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Z3 Enterprises, a Nevada corporation. HPEV technologies enable the conversion of any existing vehicle whether pickup, bus or class 5 truck into a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle for well under $40,000. For more information, visit Stock listing at (OTCQB: BIBB) (PINKSHEETS: BIBB).

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