SOURCE: Intermountain Wind and Solar

September 05, 2014 19:15 ET

New Increases to Power Bills Have Citizens Confused

In an Announcement From Intermountain Wind and Solar, Utah Residents Are Baffled as to Why New Increases in Their Power Bills Have Nearly Doubled Their Costs

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Sep 5, 2014) -

What is happening with the power company?

 According to KSL News, Steve Garrett received a power bill of five-hundred dollars, which is almost double what the Utah resident pays during a typical month. Although the local utility claims that the increase was only 1.9 percent, many residents have seen similar increases in their bills. A spokesperson for Intermountain Wind and Solar cannot fathom what might have caused such a discrepancy. While the incidents may be isolated to negligence or poor bookkeeping, it doesn't help to bolster confidence in power companies across the nation that are quickly losing stock with consumers.

Supplement your power with a grid-tied or hybrid solar solution.

 One way that many residents are fighting back against this type of issue is to procure solar panels for their home. Although many residents feel they won't be affected by the new increases in power bills, this has not been the trend among power companies in other states. Once the new increases begin to take place, they often pop up in other areas around the state, and the resident power company turns a deaf ear to consumer complaints. "Every person should have the right to compete for their services in a healthy, capitalist market," said Doug Shipley, President of Intermountain Wind and Solar, "and there is nothing wrong with consumers who wish to invest in drawing their own free power from the sun."

Why so many proposals for new fees?

 Power companies have extended above and beyond their new rate increases, attempting to hedge capital from owners of solar panels. Legislation has been proposed to charge a fee to owners of solar panels on top of the normal grid connection fees and taxes. Like the charges found on the power bills of many residents in Herriman, Utah, these fees would seemingly be without precedent. Many residents of the state can recall a time when the power company was struggling to take care of the growing population, and there were brownouts due a lack of capacity. Thanks to the many solar power installations that have taken place since that time, the power company can easily keep up with demand. While the local power companies have been great entities to work with for many residents, the hope remains that they will do right by the general population regarding solar power. For more information, please visit: