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September 18, 2006 09:00 ET

New Infoblox Network Services for VoIP Solution Dramatically Increases IP Phone System Reliability, Security and Manageability

Delivers Integrated Appliance-Based Services Essential for Cost-Effective Deployment and Operation of IP Phone Systems

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 18, 2006 -- Infoblox Inc., a developer of essential infrastructure for identity-driven networks (IDNs), today announced availability of the new Infoblox Network Services for VoIP package, which delivers highly reliable, secure and easy-to-deploy IP address assignment and management (DHCP/IPAM), file transfer (TFTP/HTTP), and network time (NTP) services -- all essential for the operation of an IP phone system.

By eliminating key problems that typically arise in IP telephony deployments and operations, the Infoblox solution -- ideal for mid-to-large distributed enterprise customers -- provides benefits to end users, integrators and VoIP equipment vendors while adding less than 5 percent to the IP phone system cost. It reduces IP phone system implementation effort, operational cost, downtime and security risk for end users. And, it greatly enhances effectiveness -- and profitability -- for VoIP system integrators by differentiating their offerings and enabling faster, easier deployments.

"Many organizations are choosing to implement IP phone systems based on the expectation of cost savings compared to traditional phone systems," said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "Unfortunately, many of the cost savings and supposed operational benefits of implementing VoIP are often compromised because customers underestimate the demands that IP telephony will place on their existing systems and personnel that supply and manage network identity services supporting the VoIP application. Enterprises and their VoIP integration partners can benefit greatly from upgrading these key systems as a part of their VoIP rollout."

Infoblox Network Services for VoIP Package

Infoblox appliances with the new Network Services for VoIP package deliver integrated, nonstop DHCP, IPAM, TFTP/HTTP, NTP and RADIUS proxy services. The hardened appliance design delivers these services with higher security and reliability and easier management than the traditional approach -- typically software deployed on general-purpose servers.

Further, the Network Services for VoIP package includes the Infoblox Keystone upgrade that links a group of distributed appliances into a unified, resilient ID grid. This enables customers to centrally manage all appliances and services and automates time-intensive tasks such as distributing IP phone firmware images to TFTP or HTTP servers at remote sites. For example, phone firmware files can be loaded once into a grid master device and automatically distributed to member appliances in each remote location one time over the WAN link. This reduces the need to deploy white-box servers and manage disparate software and operating systems at remote sites. It also greatly increases operational efficiency for firmware upgrades, which may be triggered every time a phone reboots and may also be required to address security vulnerabilities or add new features to phones.

The Network Services for VoIP package also provides diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities that are especially useful for supporting VoIP deployments at remote sites that may be too small to staff with dedicated IT personnel. For example, file download attempt logging and correlation allows easy identification of failed or missing phone configuration downloads. The solution also provides extensive high-availability services that ensure local survivability and redundancy for enterprise-wide "dial-tone" like VoIP system reliability.

"Many organizations prepare for their VoIP deployments by focusing on the quality of service (QoS) and latency issues in their networks, and rightly so," said Richard Kagan, vice president of marketing at Infoblox. "However, those who neglect to deploy adequate network identity services soon discover that all the QoS in the world won't help a phone that can't get an IP address or that can't retrieve updated firmware when it reboots. The good news is that with a very modest investment, organizations can significantly enhance their VoIP system availability and realize a return on their investment in less than six months through significant operational savings. It's a win for our customers, VoIP integrators and our VoIP equipment vendor partners."

"VoIP installations can quickly expose weaknesses in a company's existing DHCP and TFTP systems; and, if the problems show up late into a VoIP deployment, the results can be unpleasant for everyone," said Tom Gobielle, president and CEO of NCA, a West Coast regional VoIP systems integrator. "Infoblox has built a strong market position selling a robust and reliable DNS/DHCP/IPAM appliance solution. When we saw the new Network Services for VoIP package it was an obvious complement to our network and security offerings. It can make deployments easier, lower our costs, and save the customer time and money while eliminating IP phone system downtime."

Pricing and Availability

The Infoblox Network Services for VoIP package is now available worldwide on the Infoblox-550, -1050, -1550 and -1552 platforms. Pricing for the package on the Infoblox-550 appliance starts at $4,995 in the United States.

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Infoblox develops essential infrastructure used for establishing identity-driven networks (IDNs). Infoblox network identity appliances deliver nonstop DNS, DHCP, IPAM, RADIUS and related services with unparalleled reliability, manageability, scalability and security. Over 1,200 organizations worldwide, including many of the Fortune 500, use Infoblox solutions for the critical naming, authentication, authorization and IP management services that make their networks secure, robust, manageable and compliant. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA and operates in more than 30 countries. For more information, call +1.408.625.4200, email, or visit

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