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February 23, 2009 09:00 ET

New Infoblox Tools Raise the Bar on IP Address Management for the Enterprise

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - February 23, 2009) - Pioneering the next-generation approach to IP address management (IPAM) for the enterprise, Infoblox Inc. today announced availability of several new groundbreaking IP address management tools, including the new Infoblox IP Address Manager module, an intuitive graphical user interface that consolidates and automates layers of manual tasks, saving time, reducing errors and lowering costs.

Many enterprises today continue to leverage manual processes and primitive tools like spreadsheets to allocate IP addresses and record and track the many variables associated with each IP device. IP space and devices are critical assets, and -- as with any other corporate asset -- the information regarding them must be accurate, consistent and available in order to maintain a functioning network. The penalties for inefficient processes and tools can include increased downtime and troubleshooting costs as inevitable provisioning mistakes occur, which, in turn, can result in increasingly stressed IT staffs that are being asked to do more with the same or fewer resources.

Further, a recent survey of over 200 enterprises revealed that organizations incur increasing costs per IP device as each new device is added -- and yet these costs are often hidden and difficult to control because they're distributed among different teams including the network team, server team, and help desk. With the ever increasing number of new devices being added to enterprise networks, these challenges are escalating, consuming an increasing portion of limited IT budgets. Further, the rapid spread of virtualization is bringing the same type of dynamism to the data center that mobility has brought to endpoints. These changes demand that a new level of automation be brought to the management of IP networks.

"With the right IPAM tools, enterprises today can achieve new levels of automation, reducing administrative cycles and realizing dramatic cost savings," commented Richard Kagan, vice president of Marketing at Infoblox. "Now a tool is available that leapfrogs the limited alternatives of the past: the new Infoblox IP Address Manager module that essentially does for IP address management what iTunes® did for managing music."

New IP Address Manager Module Provides New Levels of Ease and Automation

The browser-based, task-optimized Infoblox IP Address Manager interface offers a new IPAM model for both expert and novice users. The interface works "out of the box" but is easily customized for each type of administrator -- from architects and super-users to administrators and help-desk personnel -- to meet unique work processes and needs. It also is designed "bottom-up" for increased usability based on extensive end-user interviews and workflow monitoring, enabling quick, error-free data entry and extensive data accessibility.

Each administrator has a customized dashboard made up of pre-defined widgets that allow monitoring and management of only those objects for which they have permission. The role-based management extends throughout the system and applies to all commands and data. In addition, each user can create their own set of bookmarks and smart folders to enable them to quickly navigate and manage the operations and data that are within their scope of control.

And, patent-pending visualization tools greatly simplify the allocation and monitoring of large address spaces. These tools allow administrators to quickly identify where they have used and unused network space, where they are running low on IP address space and the composition of specific networks (managed and unmanaged IPs, lease utilization, etc.). This data can be quickly viewed via the patent-pending Network Map, the IP Map and dashboard widgets.

Finally, the new task-optimized IP Address Manager module allows users to quickly and efficiently enter data, with extensive error checking and prevention. The dashboard has a "Task Manager" widget that has quick links to wizards for common tasks, such as adding fixed addresses, adding hosts, and more. Each user can configure which links are in their Task Manager. Wizard-driven data entry saves time, reduces effort and decreases errors.

New Features Take IPAM into the 21st Century

Many new IPAM features that increase efficiency and visibility can be accessed via the new interface; these include:

--  Smart Folders: users can store specific data filters and get
    dynamically-updated, real-time results; for example, similar to creating a
    dynamic playlist on iTunes, a user can create a Smart Folder for "all
    networks in California that are not disabled and group by VLAN" -- if a new
    network is created that matches the criteria, it will be in the Smart
    Folder results, giving administrators a comprehensive view of the network.
--  Network Map: users can quickly visualize large blocks of network
    address space providing key information about the composition and usage of
    IP addresses within large networks; this facilitates quick and easy network
    allocation decisions.
--  IPv6 features: extending the current IPv6 DNS features like adding AAAA
    records, users can now configure dual-stack host objects that assist in
    IPv4-to-IPv6 transitions, perform IPv6 network allocation and use IPAM
    fields to track IPv6 networks, and split/join operations.

Pricing and Availability

The new IP address manager GUI and IPAM features are now available in Infoblox NIOS software version 4.3r3. Pricing for the solution on the Infoblox-250 appliance starts at $2,495 in the U.S. Software upgrades are available free of charge for all current customers with a valid maintenance contract.

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