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September 16, 2008 11:00 ET

New Intacct-Ready Program Debuts at Advantage 2008

Enabling Businesses to Go 100 Percent SaaS, Charter Members Showcase Their Solutions at Intacct Conference

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - September 16, 2008) - Intacct, a leader in on-demand financial management and accounting applications, today announced its new Intacct-Ready™ partner program as part of a keynote session at Intacct Advantage 2008, the company's annual user and partner conference. Intacct-Ready is designed to enable businesses that share the vision of an on-demand world to get closer to their goal of deploying 100 percent Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and technologies.

Under the new program, Intacct will partner with leading SaaS companies to develop and certify integration between their applications and technologies and Intacct's on-demand financial management applications. To achieve Intacct-Ready status, partners will need to support and maintain integration between their systems and Intacct, coordinate service level agreements and customer service procedures and have a track record of successfully delivering their solutions to Intacct subscribers.

The benefits of on-demand are huge and being realized by tens of thousands of companies around the world. These companies envision a day when they can run their whole business on-demand by picking and choosing the best SaaS applications and technologies from the most innovative vendors.

"You can't be a 100 percent on-demand business without an on-demand financial system at the core. That's what Intacct provides to thousands of companies and that's why Intacct-Ready is so important to the industry," said Mike Braun, president and CEO of Intacct. "Businesses will be able to confidently choose from a broad array of applications and technologies that build on their core financial system of record."

Intacct announced today charter Intacct-Ready partners including SaaS leaders Adaptive Planning, Avalara, QuickArrow and SpringCM. These companies share the vision for an on-demand ecosystem that will enable businesses to move toward 100 percent adoption of SaaS applications and technologies.

In addition to the new Intacct-Ready partners, Intacct has also developed seamless integration with SaaS applications from and OpenAir through its Intacct MAX™ family of products.

Intacct-Ready certified partners and Intacct MAX applications developed by Intacct are part of the company's growing portfolio of best of breed on-demand partnerships that includes SaaS and open-source leaders like Adaptive Planning, ADP, Avalara, Avankia, Boomi, CompuPay, IBM, Ingres, LucidEra, Pervasive, QuickArrow, and Zuora.

In the new world of Internet-connected SaaS applications, the Intacct-Ready Program will enable businesses to pick and choose from an ecosystem of pre-integrated, certified, best of breed SaaS solutions where integration is jointly developed, maintained and supported by the world's leading on-demand vendors. This is a dramatic change from the old on-premises software days, where integration between applications was a costly, risky and failure prone exercise that was the responsibility of the customer.

"Companies are flocking to SaaS because of the compelling business benefits it offers, but at the same time don't want to have to compromise and be locked into a suite of average solutions from a single vendor suite," said Daniel Druker, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Intacct. "The goal of Intacct-Ready is to take the cost and guess-work out of deploying best of breed on-demand applications. We want to empower businesses to run their whole company 100% on-demand in a new world where the vendors, and not their clients, are responsible for establishing and maintaining integration."

Showcasing the Initial Intacct-Ready Solutions

The four charter members of the Intacct-Ready Program are showcasing their Intacct-Ready solutions at Advantage 2008. Here is a brief overview of what each partner is doing with Intacct:

Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Planning is the worldwide leader in on-demand financial planning and reporting solutions. As part of the program, the two companies will jointly develop integration between Intacct's SaaS-based financial management and accounting applications and Adaptive Planning's on-demand budgeting, forecasting, and reporting solutions. The integrated solution will deliver powerful end-to-end capabilities that allow companies to streamline their financial management processes and drive better-informed, more strategic business decisions. With the integrated solution, finance organizations and managers throughout a company will be able to establish financial plans, manage actual financial results, report on and analyze actual versus plan performance, conduct "what-if" analyses on alternative business scenarios, and reforecast plans accordingly.

"We are pleased to be a charter member of the Intacct-Ready Partner Program," said William A. Soward, CEO of Adaptive Planning. "Both of our companies deliver exceptional value to finance organizations via the SaaS model, and we also share a vision of the power of an integrated on-demand ecosystem. We look forward to working with Intacct and other on-demand solutions to provide even greater value to customers going forward."


Avalara is the leading provider of transactional tax automation solutions for businesses of all sizes. With its flagship product, AvaTax, Avalara offers the fastest, most accurate and affordable Web-based tax compliance service available and serves more businesses than any other solution on the market. With ready-to-deploy integration available for Intaact's financial management system, AvaTax operates as a module within the Intaact applications providing businesses with a fully integrated and automated Sales Tax Management System. Together, Avalara and Intacct bring the SaaS model to sales tax management and are leading businesses into transactional tax nirvana.

"Software as a Service is the only practical solution that streamlines the once manual, error- and risk-prone sales tax compliance process from end-to-end, saving time, money and liability along the way," said Scott McFarlane, CEO of Avalara. "Combined with Intaact's financial management system, our services leverage efficiencies and offer a less expensive, more adaptive sales tax management solution for businesses of every size, all over the world."


QuickArrow, a leader in SaaS Services Automation, has partnered with Intacct to bridge the gap between service delivery and finance by seamlessly integrating their products with a solution called QuickConnectIT for Intacct. The result is a combined solution offering best-of-breed project management, resource management, financial management and accounting, to help services teams increase agility and profitability while delivering the highest level of quality to clients.

"The on-demand ecosystem is the wave of the future, as the days of the application software suite are behind us," said Kevin Bury, CEO of QuickArrow. "Companies no longer have to lock themselves into a suite from a single vendor, they can choose best of breed solutions from companies like QuickArrow and Intacct that best fit their individual needs and be assured the solutions will work together. We are excited to be a charter member of the new Intacct-Ready Partner Program and look forward to working with Intacct to help our joint clients move closer to running their business completely on-demand."


SpringCM, the leader in on-demand content management, provides accounting professionals a seamlessly integrated solution to manage all financial documents and get more out of their Intacct investment. SpringCM's purpose is to enable all organizations to achieve business success by unlocking the value of their content while remaining free from the constraints of traditional in-house technology. SpringCM enterprise-class content management solutions are delivered via the Internet as an on-demand subscription-based service.

Dan Carmel, CEO of SpringCM, commented: "We are proud to be a charter member of the Intacct-Ready program and fully support Intacct's mission of providing pre-integrated best-of-breed solutions that are delivered as a service."

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