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April 18, 2005 06:00 ET

New IP PBX Allows Small Offices to Connect Directly to ITSPs Using SIP

The MX30 Provides Complete Functionality of Larger Systems for Offices up to 30 People

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 18, 2005 -- Zultys Technologies today announced the addition of a small and powerful product to its family of Media Exchanges. The MX30 integrates voice, data, video, and fax, and provides the functions of an IP PBX, firewall, NAT, and VPN -- a complete solution for a small business or branch office, all in a single appliance. The MX30 is installed on the customer's premises, allowing companies to have complete control over their internal communications.

The MX30 is smaller than a laptop PC and has all the features and functions available on the MX250 from Zultys. The MX250 serves 250 users and has won many awards since it was released nearly two years ago. The systems provide users with features that include presence, chat, instant messaging, and advanced call handling -- each of which is available through a single graphical user interface (GUI). This GUI runs under Windows, Mac OS/X, and Linux. It is used by operators, who can see the presence of individuals in the company and immediately know how to handle any incoming call. This boosts productivity and gives a professional impression to external callers without adding unnecessary personnel or overhead. Whereas Zultys has been supplying these features to larger businesses, smaller offices can now take benefit from the same feature set at a cost effective price.

The MX30 utilizes a broadband connection and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to receive and route all calls to destinations external to the company. Most of today's PBXs (including IP-based systems) still route calls over the PSTN, which in time will be replaced with pure IP connections.

Using an ITSP has benefits for the end user. The required DSL service is typically enabled faster than an IDSN service and does not demand huge installation fees. There is usually no monthly fees and no minimum monthly commitment. The business can use any number of speech channels, whereas with an ISDN circuit the business typically pays for more channels than are normally in use. Finally, with the ITSP, users often get lower calling rates and can review their account information on line.

"This is a great product for today's market," said Mike Galkin, President of VoiceNext, an ITSP based in New York. "With the MX30, businesses can achieve a ROI in less than a year, compared with a low cost legacy system connected to the PSTN."

The MX30 provides complete support for remote workers by including VPN access. This gives users connected over the Internet the same access to all features and functions as those users residing in the office. For example, this allows the company's manager, to receive calls out of hours, and also makes it easy to support remote sales people.

"This product uses Linux at its core to provide small business with a robust communications system," said Patrick Ferriter, VP of Product Marketing at Zultys. "The MX30 can connect to multiple ITSPs to provide several routes either for backup or for least cost routing. This provides flexible and reliable service."

The MX30 provides a clear path for future growth since it is capable of networking with multiple MX systems over a WAN. This provides toll bypass savings and allows a small business to preserve its investment as it expands. Zultys' MXgroup software allows companies to network all sites, creating a single, seamless communications entity, enabling telephony, video, fax, voice mail, instant messaging, and presence, regardless of location.

Pricing and Availability

The MX30 is shipping in volume at the end of May 2005. The base price for the MX30 is about $1200. Software licenses can be purchased that add users and features to the system. The product is also available as a bundle with the new family of ZIP 2x2 phones. The bundles are available as complete systems for 10 users, 20 users, and 30 users at prices of about $5,200, $9,000, and $14,000 respectively.

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