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June 11, 2009 08:00 ET

New iPhone App Helps People Be Happy and Reduce Stress in Tough Times

'Live Happy' Is a First-of-Its-Kind Mobile Happiness-Boosting Program Based on Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky's Positive Psychology Research and Key Elements From Her Book, "The How of Happiness"

PLEASANTVILLE, NY--(Marketwire - June 11, 2009) - From financial worries to foreclosures, it's no secret that today's economy is taking a toll on the emotional, psychological and physical health of Americans. To help cope with these stressful times, Signal Patterns, developers of psychology-based Web and mobile applications, along with Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of the book "The How of Happiness" and professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside, launched the 'Live Happy' iPhone application. This first-of-its-kind mobile happiness-boosting program guides users through a set of daily activities scientifically proven to boost both short and long term happiness.

The Live Happy app is available now at the Apple App Store for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. Users can download a free version that supports a limited number of activities, and those who want to continue their Live Happy program can purchase it for $6.99. The paid version includes unlimited activities and the "Ask Sonja" feature where people may send questions to Dr. Lyubomirsky.

"Many families and individuals are facing anxiety about events that have impacted their lives -- such as a lost job, lost home or smaller nest egg. And with the entire country talking about the economic crisis, the stress can even affect those who may not be facing immediate economic hardships," said Ran Zilca, CEO of Signal Patterns. "The Live Happy application is a comprehensive program based on decades of cutting-edge positive psychology research. It's about sustaining a positive outlook, developing emotional resiliency and stability, and even flourishing amidst life's pressures."

The positive psychology iPhone app was developed by Signal Patterns' SP Labs research team, which includes Dr. Lyubomirsky, and is based on Dr. Lyubomirsky's happiness research and key elements from her book. Live Happy allows users to personalize the program and continuously monitor and measure their happiness and mood.

"Going about life in a way that makes us happier is a skill that can be acquired and mastered when we consciously choose to commit and work at it on a daily basis. It's similar to the way a physical exercise program involves small individual tasks like lifting weights or running that add up to a healthier and more efficient body," explains Dr. Lyubomirsky.

"By creating an application for the iPhone and iPod, we've made it easy for anyone to follow this research-based program wherever they are, and follow the simple daily activities that can bring about a new positive perspective," Dr. Lyubomirsky adds.

Research has shown that to be happy, satisfied and fulfilled, one needs to cultivate optimism and shake away negative thoughts. The Live Happy app helps people boost their overall happiness by engaging in the following simple activities that have been scientifically supported to improve psychological well-being:

--  Goal Setting/Evaluating/Tracking
--  Expressing Gratitude Directly
--  Keeping a Gratitude Journal
--  Replaying Happy Days
--  Keeping a Savoring Photo Album
--  Envisioning Your Best Possible Self
--  Nurturing Relationships
--  Remembering Acts of Kindness

Until now, these types of happiness programs were only found in books, or as a single-task application. With the Live Happy app, Signal Patterns takes it a step further by providing a comprehensive application and an easy way to manage and engage in a personalized program whenever and wherever a person goes. And the iPhone's built-in capabilities, such as taking photos or notes, emailing and texting, offer a powerful and convenient platform to empower people to engage in the exercises to improve their overall well-being.

People can feel even better about their Live Happy purchase, because Signal Patterns is donating ten-percent of each sale to the Live Your Life Well(SM) program, a public education campaign dedicated to helping people better cope with stress and enhance their well-being. Launched by the non-profit Mental Health America, the campaign provides free mental health resources, a range of research-based actions to promote mental wellness and tips from behavioral health experts.

Those who are interested in starting a Live Happy program can download the Live Happy app now. Additional Signal Patterns psychology applications are available now at and free to all. Online publishers, social networks, content providers, recommendation engine providers, and advertisers who are interested in customized applications can contact Signal Patterns online or by phone at 914-747-3689.

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