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March 17, 2010 07:23 ET

New Jersey Landscaping Firm Launches New Lawn Reduction Program as Part of a Sustainable Landscaping and Garden Design Initiative

MAHWAH, NJ--(Marketwire - March 17, 2010) - The "Greener than Grass Program" focuses on Low maintenance landscaping and gardening alternatives to large lawn areas which offers many benefits to residential landscaping.

For 2010 Cipriano Landscape Design recommends reducing the overall square footage of your lawn this year. You can plant an herb garden, set aside a few areas for deciduous shrubbery, or create a meadow garden by liberally sowing wildflower seed. "Reducing lawn area has great environmental benefits," says Chris Cipriano, President of Cipriano Landscape Design. He continues, "Expanding existing gardens is a good start but we really encourage homeowners to explore low maintenance wildflower meadows."

In most suburbs, lawns are the most prominent type of landscaping. Lawns are also the most resource-consuming and polluting form of landscaping. Lawns consume more supplemental water, fertilizer, and pesticides than any other type of landscaping. Consider this: according to the EPA, 40-60% of your household water is used on your lawn. Seven million birds are killed in the U.S. annually by lawn pesticides, and just an hour of lawn mowing creates more air pollution than driving your car for 350 miles.

Cipriano Landscape Design recommends low maintenance and low water landscapes. Low maintenance landscapes such as meadow gardens take advantage of the natural tendencies of native plant species. Utilizing indigenous grasses and wildflowers like black-eyed susans, butterfly weed, lilies, asters and others, meadow gardens are an easy and beautiful landscape design technique. They're also cost-efficient and require little maintenance because wildflowers can survive in thin, poor-to-average soil with no fertilizing and little or no irrigation. 

Sustainable gardening is popular. You can reduce your lawn area by expanding existing beds with ground covers, perennial gardens, cutting gardens, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, healing gardens and children's gardens. Add in a rainwater collection system and high efficiency irrigation heads and say goodbye to high lawn irrigation costs.

Lawn reduction will lower your lawn maintenance bills, help reduce the amount of organic waste dumped in landfills, cut down on the air and noise pollution caused by mowers and increase your property values at the same time. 

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