June 12, 2013 09:36 ET

New Koddi™ Management Platform Launches to Offer Hotel Marketers a Specialized Technology to Increase Bookings

The Technology Platform Provides Marketers With Instantly Scalable Solutions for Google Hotel Price Ads (HPA)

PARIS--(Marketwired - June 12, 2013) - The public launch of the Koddi Management Platform will be introduced tomorrow at the Google Travel Executive Forum EMEA in Paris. The platform provides full orchestration, management, and optimization of a travel brand's Hotel Price Ads (HPA) campaigns, an offering created by Google that is now available to an expanded set of travel advertisers. Brands are enabled to optimize their campaigns in real-time with a simple and intuitive interface that helps drive better results in this new, yet profitable, digital channel. Koddi is helping level the playing field for a highly technical and resource-intense industry.

"The name Koddi is Icelandic for 'pillow,' which we feel is appropriate because our HPA management platform enables advertisers to more efficiently put 'heads in beds,'" said Nicholas Ward, president of Koddi. "The Koddi Management Platform was developed as a first-in-industry solution that allows brands to stay nimble, innovative and Google-ready. Most importantly, it was built around the hotel marketer's needs, by technologists and marketers who have each spent over a decade creating rigorous digital campaigns for the world's largest travel brands."

Google's HPA program, a feature that shows hotel prices and availability next to organic results on Google Search Results, Google Maps and Google+ Local Business Pages, offers hotel marketers a new way to generate highly-qualified leads via consumer searches for travel. Although scalable, the management and optimization of Google HPA can be a complex and tedious process for hotel marketers and requires extensive manpower and technology resources to become competitive.

Enter Koddi, which allows hotel marketers and their agencies to fully integrate and immediately scale campaigns to become leaders in Google's HPA results. Over the course of a recent five-month test, the Koddi Management Platform helped a tier-one online travel agency drive a double-digit percentage increase in overall hotel bookings and ROI.

The Challenge

Although many advertisers have developed a base connection to Google's HPA program, the nascent nature of the new ad format creates a number of advertiser challenges. Google's user interface is currently limited, which restricts base level and advanced campaign optimization, and advanced reporting.

In order to fully leverage the HPA platform, an advertiser must have a functional data feed of hotel information including property data, room type, rates and availability. An advertiser's campaigns are made more competitive if the information is supplemented by a bid platform sending standardized and granular optimizations in real time to Google. In some instances, there are tens of millions of relevant historical records for a single advertiser, which can be cumbersome or unmanageable without the logic, database, directional reporting, and optimization insights that Koddi provides a user.

The Product

The Koddi Management Platform was developed in response to hotel marketers' needs for turnkey Google integration and revenue-scale through service, calculated travel direction and responsive technical development. Koddi is available to both hotel brands and the agencies that provide them service.

Key Features of Koddi:

  • Monitoring, advanced reporting and client-specific dashboarding, down to the hotel property level
  • Intuitive user interface and platform management
  • Full service management
  • Cross-Google API integration
  • Feed validation

The Difference:

  • UI based bulk operations
  • Proprietary bidding signals (proprietary Koddiyak™ algorithm)
  • Smart alerts and events queue
  • Property content management system

"As hotel and travel marketers seek ways to reach and convert new travelers in the years ahead, it is core to their success to stay ahead of data-based opportunities," said Ward. "Forward-thinking travel brands have uncovered incremental bookings, competitive agility and high-margin profit growth by utilizing the Koddi Management Platform."

About Koddi

Koddi offers hotel and travel marketers, and the agencies that provide them with direction, new ways to reach consumers through data-based products and services. The Koddi Management Platform offers turnkey management of Google's HPA program with intuitive, personalized and highly scalable data solutions. Built by marketers and technologists, each with over a decade of experience growing complex travel brands online, Koddi launched publicly in June 2013. Koddi is a privately held company located in Fort Worth, Texas. Connect with us at and

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