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December 10, 2012 12:37 ET

New Liberty Press Announces the Release of a New Book: "Restore Your Body With Whole Food" by Dr. Richard G. Cutler

PLANO, TX--(Marketwire - Dec 10, 2012) - Dr. Richard G. Cutler is an internationally renowned Molecular Gerontologist who served as lead investigator at the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health. His 18 years of historic research into Aging, Age-related Diseases, Oxidative Stress, Anti-aging and Anti-Oxidants has raised awareness of the benefits of consuming Anti-Oxidants through diet. As a specialist in the field of Longevity Science, Dr. Cutler has authored numerous books and articles on Anti-Oxidants and the need for whole food nutrition.

"Our modern diet has steered far off the path of foods from nature. In my 18 years as a lead researcher at the National Institute on Aging (NIA), my team and I made important discoveries that have dramatically changed our thinking about aging and age-related disease. Though scientists once thought our health and longevity was set by our inherited DNA, we discovered that Anti-Oxidants from nature's whole foods possess the power to slow cellular aging and possibly even reverse it," Dr. Cutler explains.

Since completing his tenure at the NIA, Dr. Cutler has become a whole food advocate, educating consumers about the health benefits of Anti-Oxidants found in whole food from nature.

Dr. Cutler states, "I was delighted to come across a powerful whole food puree product called Whole 5® which is comprised of 15 whole fruits and vegetables along with 2 anti-inflammatory herbs and 13 trace minerals. This book is my professional analysis of the Whole 5® product. I believe it to be a supremely high quality whole food puree that will help everyone who consumes it increase their consumption of Anti-Oxidant-rich whole food."

In Restore Your Body With Whole Food, Dr. Cutler explains in simple terms how the human body was designed to thrive on foods from nature. He encourages anyone who wants to improve their health and energy to eat more whole fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Cutler's inclusion of the Whole 5® product in his dietary recommendations supplies an easy and cost-effective way to get 5-10 servings of whole fruits and vegetables daily by consuming 1-2 ounces per day. According to Dr. Cutler, this lifestyle change can have dramatic health results.

Whole 5 is distributed by Liberty Franklin Pharmaceuticals, LP, and Craig Keeland is founder and C.E.O. Restore Your Body With Whole Food is available on For more information on the Whole 5® product featured in Dr. Cutler's book, visit

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