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September 09, 2013 18:20 ET

New Link Monitoring Service Helps Protect Affordable Search Engine Optimization Results

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Sep 9, 2013) - In an announcement earlier today, i4 Solutions claims that their new link monitoring service will help clients to better retain rankings. This means stronger protection against fraud and SPAM.

What drives affordable search engine optimization in today's market?

Many business owners feel the need to scrutinize the principles of their low cost SEO packages to determine how effective their dollars are being spent. A new service from i4 Solutions will allow the web marketing company to monitor and remove inbound links that are of a low quality standard. This is positive news for those businesses that want to retain the maximum impact of their promotions and keep an eye out for shady practices executed by competitors. "In this dog-eat-dog world," said Brandon Anderson, Co-Founder of i4 Solutions, "we are continuously striving to have a robust impact on fraud and SPAM practices, and this new monitoring service is a great way to address those issues."

How does the new service work?

In order to maintain affordable search engine optimization to a standard that is acceptable to all clients, the monitoring service is kept minimal. If a client comes in seeking out low cost SEO packages, but has a lot of low quality links, then a link cleanup package may be recommended. Any forward thinking web marketing company should be implementing these types of protections for their clients to ensure the longevity of their results. As the markets in America become less and less friendly to integrity and honest business practices, these services will become all the more necessary. Unfortunately, there is more evidence every day that many performing these services don't want to play nice. This is why the new service has become a high demand item in 2013.

What are some examples of this SPAM and low quality linking?

While the scope and scale of an attack is strictly contingent upon the industry that is being targeted, many small business owners are seeing their affordable search engine optimization results eroding away. In an effort to preserve traction gained by low cost SEO efforts, this link monitoring service will continually watch the new links coming into the site. The web marketing company did provide a few examples of industries that have already been affected by this practice. Everyone from: automotive dealers, corporate wellness companies, solar panel dealers, and other high volume industries are getting hit hard by these deviant tactics. The new link monitoring service is available to any website owner who is interested in preserving their rankings, and in some cases, may need to be complimented with a link cleanup service to provide the best possible benefit. This is yet another way for a business to retain sound rankings and keep the playing field even for years to come. For more information, please visit:

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