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June 20, 2011 12:16 ET

New Location Based iPhone Application, Friendthem, Simplifies the Search Process for Potential Facebook Friends in Real Time

Every Social Networking Connection Starts With a Friend Request, Friendthem Makes Initiating That Request Easier by Doing the Search for You

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jun 20, 2011) - Imagine you are at a party, or a conference, or even out for a walk. You meet someone. You get along really well. This could potentially lead to a date, or a new job, or just a great friendship. As you part ways, this new person in your life says "Facebook me." and walks away. Great! You are in. That is until you actually try to send the friend request and discover there are actually 30 John Smith's on Facebook, most of which don't share their photos to non-friends. Maybe it's spelled Smyth, maybe they didn't update where they live, and like that, a potential great connection slips through your fingers.

Friendthem, a new iPhone app (Droid soon to follow) uses location-based software to identify all fellow Friendthem users around you within 1500 feet and isolates their exact Facebook profile. With it you can quickly and accurately send a Facebook friend request to the person you are speaking to, when you are speaking to them. Friendthem generates a potential friend list and ranks each user in order of their proximity to you. This ends the issue of the missed connection, but it does it in a manner that still retains user privacy.

"We've all come to depend on Facebook for creating and maintaining connections, but all of that is entirely predicated on the friend request button. This makes the friend request one of the most valuable tools in our lives today," said Richard Passer, Founder and CEO. "Friendthem takes that button into the real world, giving you a faster, easier, more accurate and natural way to initiate new contacts."

Key features of Friendthem include:

  • Mutual Friend Discovery - Locate fellow Friendthem users within the 1500 foot radius and see who you might have mutual friends with and who they are.

  • Your Privacy is Protected - Only your name, hometown and/or photo, depending on your preference, are ever displayed on Friendthem.

  • Friendthem Now - Send a friend request directly to the person you want to be Facebook friends in real time.

  • Friendthem Later - If you meet someone but are not sure you want to friend request them yet, you can put that in your history tab, allowing for time to think about it before making the actual request. Potential connections will never be lost.

  • Hiding Spots - Set any location to automatically turn your discoverability off, such as at home, school, or the office.

  • Friend Request Limit - A daily limit of 10 Friendthem based friend requests a day.

Friendthem is a free application currently available for iPhone only and will be available for download from the iPhone app store or through the Friendthem website. Friendthem for Android will be launching in a few weeks.

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Editor's Note: Friendthem is aware of the battery drainage issue some iPhone users are facing. Our programmers are currently addressing this issue and an update will be available shortly. A Q&A regarding this issue and solution can be found on the Friendthem Facebook page here.

About Friendthem:
Friendthem is a free tool for anyone looking to make meaningful real world connections and retain them through a Facebook "friend request." Founded by CEO Richard Passer in 2010, Friendthem is for people who interact with each other in the real world and wish to continue that interaction beyond the initial contact.

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