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November 25, 2013 10:00 ET

New Macheen White Paper Ranks Mobile Device Management, VPN, SmartPhones, Wi-Fi and Data Plans as the Five Impediments to Mobile Productivity

Macheen Highlights Five Deceptive Solutions Driving Additional Complexities in the Mobile Ecosystem

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Nov 25, 2013) - Macheen Inc., developers of a SaaS platform that connects devices in a unique way, today released a new white paper entitled, "Five Monsters Holding Back Your Enterprise Mobile Strategy."

Smart enterprises recognize the game-changing impact mobility can have on its business such as cost savings, continuity, productivity, and employee satisfaction. There are, however, commonplace impediments, or monsters, that are preventing organizations from capitalizing on these benefits. 

Authored by well-known expert and thought leader on mobility, Richard Schwartz, founder of Macheen, the paper outlines the five mobility monsters causing the most concern for companies today, offers guidance to determine the level of impact on each organization and provides tips on how to tackle them head on, in order to gain control of mobility related costs and policies.

Schwartz explains in the white paper the complexities around deceptive solutions for mobile business and how collectively these are causing the most concerns for the enterprise market today. These four areas that foster the trouble plaguing mobility:

Devices are multiplying
Today, there is a proliferation of mobile devices with newer, faster models being released at an amazing speed, and people typically own and use a combination of different devices to undertake different tasks.

Enterprises are more mobile than ever
Thanks to the explosive growth of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and high-speed connectivity we can work as long as we have an Internet connection. It's possible to hold meetings, create presentations, file reports, collaborate with colleagues, and interact with customers anywhere.

BYOD adoption is accelerating
Armed with a variety of mobile devices, employees want to use their company issued devices at home. At the same time, they want to use their personal devices at work. This is driving the demand for enterprises to consider a BYOD strategy which can ultimately create complexities for IT departments.

Businesses apps are moving to the cloud
Many business-critical applications are moving to the cloud because it's more cost effective and easier for IT to manage and scale across the business. This is creating a whole new problem for IT to solve -- as an unconnected device is now a dead device.

With the culmination of these trends, today the world of mobility is dramatically more complex.
The key drivers for decisions around mobility take into account how a mobile workforce can enhance business operations. Yet, the five monsters, including mobile device management, smartphones, Wi-Fi, data plans and VPNs are causing the most concerns for businesses today. 

"Mobility is more complex than just smartphones and a comprehensive strategy needs to incorporate the entire ecosystem. Before developing a strategy and unleashing the monsters, these issues need to be carefully considered before embarking on any kind of mobile initiative," stated Richard Schwartz, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Macheen. "This paper shows that by offering a smarter connectivity solution, that doesn't rely on Wi-Fi or traditional data plans, companies can improve productivity, reduce costs and improve security and policy control." 

Visit to obtain a free copy of the paper.

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