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MailChannels Corporation

March 06, 2007 09:00 ET

New MailChannels Survey Reveals Widespread Dissatisfaction With Email Security Solutions

25,000 companies replaced email gateway solutions during 3-month period

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - March 6, 2007) - In the midst of growing concern and frustration over the huge increase in spam, MailChannels, a developer of gateway email security solutions, announced today the results from their Q1-2007 global Email Gateway Security Survey.

Conducted using MailChannels PingedIn™ gateway fingerprinting service, the survey discovered that 5% of the half million organizations surveyed switched to a new email gateway security product or service during the last quarter of 2006, indicating a widespread dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of the current products. IT security managers are switching tactics, without much success, against the recent tripling in spam volumes due to improved botnets.

"The churn indicates to me that a considerable number or companies are not happy with the ability of their current gateway solution to handle the significant changes in the email security environment-and are therefore seeking alternatives," said Ken Simpson, CEO of MailChannels. "The fact that companies switched to and from essentially the same products signals that they are desperate to find a better solution, and are unclear which to choose."

In what appears to be a game of musical chairs, the same four products appear in both the top six losers and top six winners lists. Thirteen companies with more than 100,000 employees switched their gateway solution while almost 10,000 small businesses with under 25 employees made a change. This churn represents a 20% annual change - a phenomenal rate of turnover in what might normally be considered the staid world of IT infrastructure.

Biggest Losers Biggest Winners

Sendmail Microsoft Exchange Server
Postfix Barracuda Networks Spam Firewall
Microsoft Exchange Server Postfix
qmail Sendmail
Cisco PIX Firewall Postini
Ipswitch IMail Server Cisco PIX Firewall

Last quarter's results showed that open source MTAs including Postfix and Sendmail, and gateway Microsoft Exchange Server dominate the SME market, with hosted services MXLogic and Postini holding a significant position as well.

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As the world's first comprehensive, real-time email infrastructure survey, PingedIn provides decision-makers with timely information on the fast-moving market for email infrastructure protection products and services. Using patent-pending fingerprinting algorithms developed at MailChannels, PingedIn automatically surveys the email infrastructure protection of 500,000 selected organizations worldwide, providing essential market data to vendors, analysts, and email receivers.

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