October 20, 2009 08:00 ET

New Marketing Measurement Group Launches

ExpM™ Services Meet Demands for Analytics, Accountability and ROI in Marketing

PORTLAND, ME--(Marketwire - October 20, 2009) - Today, ExpM, a new marketing measurement group dedicated to understanding and evaluating the impact of marketing and customer experience, opens for business with a suite of service offerings. Leveraging a highly experienced team of marketing strategists and researchers, ExpM's services help marketers and marketing agencies identify performance goals and execute measurement programs. With a core competence in calculating marketing return on investment (ROI), ExpM's team of consultants measures the financial impact of marketing programs. ExpM offers a customizable selection of consultative offerings aimed at helping marketers and agencies assess and communicate their results.

Today's marketing professionals face increasing pressure to make the business case for marketing campaigns and activities and to show how marketing is directly affecting purchase behavior. ExpM's services address the need to identify goals during planning, establish clear metrics for success, and implement a measurement program that tracks progress and demonstrates outcomes. With industry-leading reporting, analytics, and insights, ExpM empowers marketers with greater visibility and control over the results of the marketing spend.

Bringing over 40 years of combined research and analytics experience to its customers, the team at ExpM has honed its approach to measuring marketing impact, analyzing thousands of experiential marketing events, promotional campaigns, and consumer surveys. "It's no secret that marketers have struggled to measure results from marketing programs and customer interactions," states Traci Gere, Managing Director at ExpM. "Our innovative approach gives marketing professionals the tools and knowledge they need to proactively evaluate impact and make better decisions about where to focus marketing investment."

According to Anne Honkonen, Executive Vice President at Pierce Promotions and Event Management LLC and a key adviser in the development of ExpM, "ExpM grew organically out of 25 years of experience creating and managing experiential marketing programs. Born from a strong commitment to results and a metrics-driven strategy, we tackled early on the challenges that many marketers face today. The capabilities ExpM brings have been crucial to the success of extensive retail sales and promotional programs for our large accounts. The robust reporting and insights I get allow me to take action in real time to maximize the performance of our field teams and programs. I'm able to prove results to my clients and win more business because of ExpM."

Aimed at both corporate marketers and marketing agencies, ExpM provides advisory, implementation, and management services. Its research tools and models have been proven for a wide range of clients and industries. The three pillars of ExpM's services offering include:

-- ExpM Consulting: Customized consulting engagements backed by experience and solid data that provide predictive ROI and impact modeling, measurement design, and business case evaluation

-- ExpM Impact™: Implementation and management services for measuring and demonstrating marketing effectiveness

-- ExpM Live Learning Lab: Customized research services that tap into experiences to measure consumer/customer response, identify key product/service benefits, and uncover opportunities for innovation and market leadership

About ExpM

ExpM is a services firm dedicated to evaluating the impact of experience. We identify meaningful performance goals and implement measurement programs for both marketers and marketing agencies. With deep expertise in solving unique measurement challenges as well as insightful perspectives on analyzing responses to many different experiences and stimuli, our methods have been tested and proven by leading agencies and corporate marketing teams across the globe. By specializing in calculating return on investment (ROI), we help clients to translate the outcomes of marketing and customer experiences into financial impact. For more information please visit

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