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March 14, 2011 08:00 ET

New "Master Test Plan for Enterprise Wireless" Published by VeriWave -- Available Free

Establishes Best Practices in Site Readiness, Ongoing Performance Assessment

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - March 14, 2011) - VeriWave, the gold standard for WiFi site and performance assessment, is making a definitive new Master Test Plan for Enterprise Wireless available free for download. Designed to help IT departments optimize wireless performance, the document precisely defines both test methodologies and evaluation criteria through and beyond network deployment. Invaluable in 802.11n initiatives and complex multi-client environments, the plan can be found at

"With the overall mix of mobile clients and applications rapidly expanding, new ways of testing and evaluating WiFi performance are essential to maintaining the highest-quality user experience and corporate ROI," says Eran Karoly, VP Marketing at VeriWave. "Our solutions and the new Master Test Plan for Enterprise Wireless outline best practices for lifecycle WiFi quality management, versus just site surveying prior to deployment and troubleshooting afterwards. The test plan, like our solutions, addresses the fact that there's more to assess and less time to do it, and guides IT professionals through what, when and how to test, as well as what to expect at every phase of the network life."

Wireless networks are uniquely challenged by the need to design and measure their behavior from the end-user or client perspective, and to observe new mobile clients and devices in a live context without actually disrupting production networks. VeriWave's broad range of enterprise solutions and the new Master Test Plan for Enterprise Wireless address these trends along with IT's greatest challenges -- client interoperability, reliability, security of mission-critical applications, and mobility -- while equipping staff to design for capacity versus simply AP coverage.

In keeping with VeriWave's commitment to further the adoption of advanced test strategies, the new Master Test Plan for Enterprise Wireless is available free for download, along with the existing WLAN Site Assessment: Best Practices for Pre and Post Deployment Verification document.

New Test Plan, Best Practices Drive Emerging Trend Toward "Lifecycle" Assessment

Ensuring the highest, most reliable performance throughout the lifecycle of enterprise-class wireless deployments entails a wide range of disparate tasks with many occurring simultaneously, or spontaneously. Among the issues addressed in detail by the new Master Test Plan for Enterprise Wireless are:

  • Selecting vendors, infrastructure equipment and user devices
  • Assessing client/vendor interoperability
  • Defining SLAs
  • Site readiness assessment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Ongoing certification, verification & management

VeriWave's lifecycle assessment strategies leverage multiple solutions including:

  • WaveDeploy Site Readiness & Performance Assessment: a suite of solutions enabling client-based testing and ecosystem modeling of performance in both real and ideal traffic scenarios;

  • WaveInsite Interoperability Testing using real client devices (laptops, mobile phones, etc.) to deliver client and network metrics such as Video MDI, Voice MOS, TCP goodput and Web download speeds in less than 5 minutes from setup to report generation;

  • WaveTest traffic generation solutions for advanced stress testing and scalability modeling.

"Companies can no longer afford to think of mobility in terms of 'projects' or 'initiatives,'" Karoly says. "Wireless is now mission-critical, so assessing its performance both literally and as an investment is fast becoming the only way to evaluate and manage it."


Testing with VeriWave ensures maximum performance for mobile networks, devices and applications in the real world. From development through deployment and beyond, VeriWave helps leading manufacturers, service providers and users measure, analyze and improve speed, quality, interoperability, compliance and other pivotal aspects of mobile performance. For more information about VeriWave, call (503) 473-8350, or go to

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